Advertisment Introduces Humour Within Video Ads To Meets the Grim Indian Society

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New Update Introduces Humour Within Video Ads To Meets the Grim Indian Society

In a country that loves getting something for nothing, the tag line “CashBack Toh Banta Hai” is something that sounds as good as: “Money for free; No fine print”. have released their 2nd video in the 3 video series. A viral ad that revolves around a couple’s wedding day. Post success of the 1st video campaign the company that is all about cashback and coupons, this one gives you a grim story to start with that ends up being quite funny.


  • To connect with the youth segment whose search for bargains is never-ending.
  • Using humour to relate to the youth and appeal to the mentality of savings and cashback on everything.

The idea of this video campaign is to put a twist of humour to grim situations and present theirconcept of coupons and cashback to the consumer.


The video revolves around a freshly married couple who are in the living room with the fathers discussing dowry. Never a pleasant sight or event. This video however presents the characters in a really comical way by naming them. The father-in-law, “The Majboori”, the daughter-in-law with the perplexed look of worry, “The Ablanari” and the groom “Lolunath”. With a DJ screeching the background music, even the element of money is given a role name. “The maal” is the money – almost treating this situation like a drug deal.

This scenario is usually one that the daughter’s family is most wary of. Especially because it could mean the continuance of a happy and successful wedding. Pathetic as that may sound to someone who is not familiar with how our culture is forced to work.

This viral ad has captured the most important characters involved and given them humorous names that keep you engaged just because you can relate to it in some form or the other.

The video goes on to show the daughter-in-law ‘busting’ the cash handover and taking a couple of notes from a bundle (thick enough to beat someone to death with) adding: “Cashback Toh Banta Hai…” Their tag line!

A horrified father-in-law is left speechless and dumbfounded. The twist makes this entire video a crazily fun clip to watch. You just don’t see it coming.


Putting a spin on a sadly normal grim Indian tradition

Luckily enough, the youth of today are increasingly beginning to groan and feel annoyance at the word “dowry”. This video has been used to exploit the humour in a very serious yet realistic situation that makes it all the more relateable. I’m sure everyone who has watched this video would have at some point felt like dissing “The Majboori” they’ve had to encounter. I sure did. This video really does give it a kick in the rear.

Using humour to convert a realistic situation to one that you find humorous is not a completely easy task. It also captures the attention of the youth segment they are targeting by allowing them to relate.


Presenting the brand as one that views society differently has smartly used their ads to present themselves in an image of being ones who stand against socially horrors of our present day by making a mockery of the law-breaking some choose to do for monetary gain. They get a good grip on the viewer by bringing them to their side during this video. One cannot help but feel amused at the mockery they make of such a grim situation.

Putting a good idea in a person’s mind and enhancing it with humour always grabs their attention and lingers on. may just have managed to win a few people over with curiosity through this campaign.

Youtube ads are a great way of marketing on social media.

Scope for Improvement

Limited information about the product

As humorous as this video is, you need to reflect on this ad and actually think if you know what this brand is about if you haven’t heard of them earlier. The only mention of the brand is when they use their tag line of “Cashback Toh Banta Hai” and the video asking you to log on and check the website out for more information. They need to remember that the attention span of the viewer is in mere seconds and not longer. A missed opportunity to explain the brand and the benefits one can avail from their usage should have been slipped in.

Not all viewers are going to go log on to the site. As far as most viewers are concerned the few laughs they gain from this video may just be good enough.


Overall a good campaign. Amusing from the start with the role names and introductions down with everything likened to a ganster movie. Which is of course what dowry extortion is. With the only improvement being the brand not presenting its product as best as they could have. The video though is certainly humourous and worth the watch. It certainly throws a different light on the entire drama of dowry between families.

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