How CollegeOKPlease Built a Community Of College Students Using A Single Targeted Campaign

Brand name

Agency Name

Candid Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


College OK Please is the ultimate one stop destination for every college student to get their daily dose of college life or as we like to say “Daily dope of college life.” From a student’s love life, to taste in fashion, to cool tips and strategies, to surviving three or four years of college, tough internships and being flat out broke, it’s all there. For all the latest in college life, the coolest updates, information, views, events, gossip log on to the website.


Drive online exposure

The brand wanted to boost traffic to its social media and mobile media pages and create from hype prior to the launch of the website using the campaign called ‘Karo Nahi’.

Create a “Tribe of college students:” As the name suggests, the website is for college students Pan India and hence the main aim was to create and build a tribe of college student within the age group 15-26 years who are the main target audience for the website.

Concept of Karo – Nahi

The concept  of Karo Nahi or the “Karo Nahi fundas” comes from taking situations, terms, issues and fundas in the day-to-day life of an Indian college student and encouraging them to do the right thing (Karo) or not-to-do something (Nahi), without trying to be preachy or pushy. The tone is very cool and a lot of college lingo, terms etc. have been used in driving the concept forward.


College ok Please ran photo ads for the campaign (Karo Nahi) that showcased this campaign with visually appealing, intelligent and witty copy. All posts included hash tags and links to the Facebook page on social media news feeds. This campaign was launched simultaneously on 17th August on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google +

The hash tags and links to the page drove traffic directly to the microsite.

To guarantee effective creative post content, the team produced top quality images in-house for the photo ads or posts with compelling copy and strong calls-to-action.

karo nahi 2To reach the right target audience, targeted students across the country; active on social media and on mobile. Quirky and witty one-liners were used to attract the target audience of college students in the age group 15-26 years.

To penetrate and personalize the reach of ‘Karo Nahi’ posts, the team also used Whatsapp to directly target college students through a network of college students that is being developed in house.

The initial burst of likes till launch was completely organic and not paid for and even now very minimal amounts are being spent on paid promotions or ads.


karo nahi 1 During the 15 days of Karo Nahi posts on various social media and mobile news feeds, the page significantly increased its reach and drove people to its website. The entire album of creative’s titled “Karo Nahi fundas” can be viewed on the FB page / Twitter / Google+ / instagram using the following links





The campaign delivered the following results on Facebook

  • 5308 likes till 31st Currently over 10,000 Page Likes to date
  • 1,31,466 Reach
  • 3,06,915 Impressions
  • 9,488 Engaged Users