How to Get the Initial Likes to a New Facebook Page

facebook likes

Facebook Pages are now the new “In” thing and every business/brand has one. Hoardings, TVC etc all advertise the Facebook “Like” symbol along with the vanity URL. Everyone has taken up to Facebook so how do you plan on attaining those initial likes to get the ball rolling? Here are a few points that could help.

1. Complete your Facebook Business Page Profile:

Your cover photo and display picture may give a sense of what you are about but it’s the description that matters as it is the first thing that the users read. Your description should be quirky, catchy and enable viewers to understand what the business is about.

Complete details of the business address, contact number, hours of operation (if applicable) should also be provided. Make sure you list the company in the right categories as it will also help Facebook to have a better understanding of the kind of business yours is and show your company is search results related to your field.

2. Ask friends, business partners and other contacts to like you on Facebook:

You definitely have a support system in friends, family and business partners, make use of this support to market yourself. Imploring your friends and contacts to like your business Facebook page doesn’t make you seem needy, it gives an impression that you want it to flourish and grow. Asking them to like the page is the same word of mouth marketing principle just done digitally.

3. Add social plugins to your website:

The traffic on your website can be directed towards your Facebook page giving viewers a daily update on what the business is doing on a day to day basis. Place the “Like” icon box along with some of the top recent posts on your website for viewers to understand your interaction level.

4. Invite E-mail Contacts:

Since you have just started your business page Facebook gives you the option of sending out an invite to all your Email contacts requesting them to join your page.

This option is available when you have less than 5000 likes on the page. Sending out emailers internally as well as externally creates awareness among employees and loyal customers that the business has gone digital.

5. Run ads:

To get the maximum out of this approach, you have to optimize your Graph search in way that you reach out to maximum number of fans that are similar to your current fan following. Facebook Ads costs money and unlike other techniques you can experiment with different kinds of ads by varying the content to see which suits your business the best.

The more you regularize the ad, the frequency of likes on your page increases which gets you the desired traffic on your page.

6. Run a contest:

Engaging consumers and enticing them with freebies gets them to interact on your page. Contests run by various businesses in the past have not only helped them to acquire a new set of customers but also increased their brand value digitally.

Consumers and fans become loyal to the page once they have a won some contest, which in a way boosts product consumption and increase in sales. By running contests you not only establish yourself as a business that values its fans but also remain at the TOM (Top of the mind) in your fans.

The success of your business page lies in how active and regular you are in your content and engagement. If you remain at an impasse on your Facebook Page fans and customers’ loose interest in you and your market value in turn drops. Be active, engage regularly, build your fan base and stay on focused strategy, it will help you build yourself as well as the business you run.

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