How to Create a Twitter List in 6 Steps

What is a Twitter list? Well, to put it simply, it is a set of selected twitter users in a particular category. Like for e.g. you create a list of Bollywood celebrities and add your favorite actors and actresses to it, so you can see all their tweets in one place. A great feature right? We tell you how to go about it in a few easy to follow steps:

When you create or subscribe to a list, you can’t tweet to everyone on it as a group, but you can view tweets of only those included in that list.

  1. Log into your twitter account if you are an existing user or create a twitter account.
  1. From your profile page, go to the settings menu, and click the ‘Lists’ tab.

list 1


  1. From the list tab you can:

View the lists you’ve subscribed to, or are a member of.

View tweets from a particular list, by selecting that list.

Create, edit or delete the lists you’ve created.

To add a new list, Select ‘Create new list’. A dialog box opens.

list 2

  1. Enter the name of the list e.g. Office Colleagues and add a short description if required. You can also choose to make this list visible to other users or keep it private and save the list.

list 3

  1. When you create a twitter list, you can also include people you aren’t following,

To add or remove people from a list, simply visit their profile and click on the gear icon to reveal a drop down menu. Choose the appropriate action. A dialog box will appear displaying your created lists. Select the lists you would like to add or remove the person from.

list 4

  1. To subscribe to lists other users have created, visit their profile, select that particular list and click Subscribeto follow the list.


You can now create any kind of twitter lists! We told you it was easy!