Editor’s Note: October 2014

After a long weekend and some fun festive days, I am penning down my thoughts for the month.

Every day we begin working together. Our emails are attuned with the other. We expect a delay in response after evening hours. We also expect offices to be shut on weekends.  This working culture brings an idea to my mind. When we all are in sync with each other, support is a natural subsequent to growth within the industry.

The idea of shared experiences and knowledge has kept me excited in the past couple of weeks. If we all want to grow our skills and talents, we have to depend on the other. We have to build this industry and give shape to it, together.

While we spoke of Talent in the last Editor’s Note, we also know that Talent is sourced from enlightening talks, knowledgeable conversations and experiences of industry stalwarts and experts.

Supporting each other towards the right direction

“In vain have you acquired knowledge, if you have not imparted it to others.”

Events and conferences are a great way to share each other’s experiences with clients, campaigns, technology and trends. Networking and meeting the right people who can indulge you in a wealth of knowledge can be a winning strategy to build talent. Stimulating conversations not just in person, but on social media too can help support another in their pursuit knowledge.

Unfortunately, India is yet to host such social media centric events frequently. The ones present, are a goldmine for the industry. We try and support the industry by carving out the best examples from across the country that can inspire us.

Contribute for Growth

Therefore, as a knowledge portal, we are seeking experts, proficient agency owners, social media executives and everyone who has a practical experience in the industry to come forward and share with us and our readers, your acquired knowledge. This will help elevate the industry to a new level, rectify the usual glitches and polish each one’s innovative abilities.

So how are we going to collaborate content?

We are always looking out for insightful case studies and campaigns. This stimulates creative minds in the industry to achieve higher benchmarks. We are also constantly trying to connect with those who have executed such work time and again to share expert articles. These articles are a great support we can offer to each other to learn and help evolve. Some excellent posts last month which you might have missed were Social CRM, The Social Moment of Truth and Content as Currency.

Ask.socialsamosa.com is another portal you can use to encourage your peers. Users post questions in order to seek your support.

If you have any topics that you would like to explore and write about, you can share it with us at any time of the day. We try not to delay responses!

Happy Festive Season!

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