Facebook Messenger Integrates Mobile Payments Service

Now you can get ready to send money to your friends on Facebook. According to screenshots and video taken through the hacking tool Cycript by Stanford computer science student Andrew Aude, Facebook Messenger might be planning to enter the world of online payments!

While testing, reportedly Aude was only able to get debit cards to work with the system, banks accounts and credit cards did not work. Users can add a debit card in messenger, or use one they already have on file with Facebook. An in-app pincode also exists for added security around payments. That’s because transfers are easy to process when they come from debit card and don’t require approvals.


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Facebook Messenger payments could compete with Venmo, PayPal, Square Cash, and other peer-to-peer money transfer apps if the payment feature is integrated into Messenger.

Users will be glad to know they can make payments simply with the hit of a button and Facebook keeps the transaction private and doesn’t publish anything about it on the News Feed.


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