5 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook Stickers

Facebook goes all in by rolling out global sticker support for comments on user’s timelines, groups and events. The stickers which were available on Facebook Chat and Messenger can now used to comment on your friend’s posts.

For accessing the stickers, you can tap the smiley face icon in the bottom-right of any comment field on Facebook to pick the sticker they like to share with the others on a post.

1. Stickers Now on Facebook Comments

Facebook now allows users to use stickers in comments to say all the things we’d rather not with words. The sticker feature was previously available only on Facebook Chat and Messenger but it can finally be used to comment on posts.  A picture certainly says a thousand words on Facebook.


These stickers are available in the Sticker Store section of Facebook Messenger and Chat for iOS and Android both.

fb stickers2. Sticker Store Rolled Out for Mobile Apps before Web

Facebook has expanded with Stickers over the last year to keep up with other hugely popular messenger services. Facebook’s in-app Sticker Store was actually rolled out on mobile apps first and then on the web last year.

3. Till when are they free?

Facebook stickers were free to download from the Sticker Store in Messenger and Chat for now. Apps like Tango, LINE and Viber charge a minimal fee to use a premium sticker pack.  It remains to be seen how Facebook will monetize it in the future, particularly when brands wish to market themselves with their own sticker packs.

4. Occasion Based

Facebook stickers always grouped in packs and often made available around movie releases, festivals or sports events (Despicable Me2, Halloween which is around the corner, FIFA 2014)

5. An Inspiration from Emoji iOS

Stickers were originally inspired by the emojis iOS keyboard which was popular with Japanese youth. Emojis are hugely popular on popular messenger apps. Facebook users too are taking to Stickers as a sort of universal language. No one can say “I LOVE YOU” better than a fluffy little bunny or panda holding a equally fluffy heart in your face.