Fiama Di Wills Redefines Product Launch as It Uses Twitter to Unveil Its New Range at WIFW

Product launches are always tricky. Brands rely on generating a big impact during launch as more often that not it leads to the success of the product.

Over the last few years, several brands have tried their luck at launching with a bang on digital but very few have found success. The ones who did, ensured that it combined an offline experience with social media innovation.

FMCG major Fiama Di Wills, along with their digital agency, Interactive Avenues did something similar when they launched their new range of shower gels designed by noted designer Masaba Gupta. The campaign was all about the launch of the new line-up at the Wills Indian Fashion Week, but the way they approached it was unique.


With an objective to launch amidst huge fanfare, Fiama Di Wills integrated the unveiling with Twitter. Users had to tweet about the new range using the hashtag #FiamaShowerJewels and as soon the counter hit 5000, the new range would be unveiled at the WIFW.

fiama 1

The digital engagement on Twitter generated more than 10000 Twitter mentions resulting in 46 million impressions and a nationwide Twitter trend.

The offline launch powered by the Twitter counter turned out to flood social media with conversations and this extended to the event as well.


The crowd powered launch garnered a huge amount of buzz and PR; and this activity managed to achieve the same for Fiama Di Wills. The buzz generated on Twitter resulted in great amount of brand awareness for the new product, which is exactly what they were looking for.

fiama 2

Not many brands get online-offline integration right, but Fiama Di Wills managed to execute it without any hiccups. There are a lot of influencing factors that are present in an innovation based campaign, so the chances of it going haywire are high as well; but Fiama Di Wills steered clear from all of them.

Moreover, the on-ground activation kept the community in focus and empowered them to have an influence over the brand’s actions. Such kind of engagement brings people closer to the brand and strengthens the bond between the two.

Some Magic to lure the audience

The table on which the products were set on was using the hydraulic pressure pump technique. On reaching 8500 tweets a command was sent and the bottles were automatically uplifted at the event. This entire activity was digitized. A little magic always works!

Scope for Improvement

Can’t think of any scope of improvement as it was a really interesting campaign that was executed to the T.

Wrapping up

It’s nice to see brands innovating with different aspects of a product’s cycle. Many product launches have fallen flat on their face but this was an effective exercise undertaken by the leading FMCG brand.

Now it remains to be seen how they keep the buzz around the product in the coming days.