Instagram Officially Rolls Out Video Ads

Just when you thought you could have ad-free browsing on Instagram, they go and introduce their first video advertisements. Instagram had added the 15 seconds video feature in June 2013, and is now pushing into the sponsored content arena . If haven’t seen the ads,  you can expect to start seeing them in your Instagram feed soon enough. However, Instagram will make sure the ads match their “feel good vibe” to avoid turning off their loyal users who enjoyed a commercial-free platform only a year ago.


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With the launch of Hyperlapse feature combined with video-ads can be a powerful marketing tool for brands to capture audiences. The Facebook-owned social network will feature 15 seconds autoplay ads from several biggies namely Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic, and the CW in the coming weeks.


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There is no denying the fact that advertisements impair the quality of social networking but at the end of the day  social media platforms and interactions are actually the primary source of income for a global corporation riding entirely on its digital marketing. Can Instagram ads turn out to be tolerable and potentially useful for the users? That its yet to be seen. Hopefully it does, as Instagram is THE hot favourite compared to all the other social media platforms.