Raj Thackeray’s Youtube Outreach For A Better Maharashtra

Raj Thackeray in keeping up with the times has resorted to a social media platform like Youtube to reach out to the people. The video was surprisingly well done in terms of research, content and social outreach. In the video, Google Maps has been utilized efficiently to showcase the differences between our country and other nations.

His video has gone viral from the day it’s been uploaded on Youtube which is good news considering the Assembly elections are just around the corner. The surprising part of this video is that he has created excellent content which is a break from their party’s usual regressive tactics and campaigns.  He has successfully resorted to digital marketing to make people aware of the potential Maharashtra has to become one of the most beautiful  & successful places in the world. This is a great way to connect with the youth who are largely active on Facebook and Youtube.

Raj Thackeray is known for delivering sharp and powerful speeches at rallies. But through this video he delivers yet again in a brutally honest speech about how India too can be one of the top countries in the world devoid of corruption , unemployment and other serious issues at hand. On very few instances you’ll see a political figure talking about something other than water, food, clothing, electricity and jobs.  And he’s done just that by addressing the issues which are in the way of rural and urban development of our state. One can only hope that this video has a wider reach than his usual speeches as people are more active on social media.

Surely, Raj Thackeray has done a great job by resorting to social media platforms and sharing his vision for a cleaner and better Maharashtra through Youtube.