Social Media Agency Feature: Geek – A Digital Agency

Who are we?

Geek is a creative agency dedicated to finding creative solutions for our clients through #strategy #creativity and #technology.

History:  Geek was founded in the chilly winter of December 2008, when we realized there is a glaring opportunity to bridge the gap between online and offline advertising.

Team: Our team has a passion for originality and comes from different walks of life. From engineers to artists and investment bankers to musicians we are an eclectic bunch of Geeks!

What’s in the name?

A Geek is someone who knows his subject on the back of his hand. He is at the top of his game and is set far apart from the ‘ordinary’ crowd.

What we do?

From Interactive experiences, Campaigns, Social strategy, Social media, Applications, UX/UI, Animation, Content creation & curating, Online PR, E-Commerce, Gamification, Digital campaigns, SEO, SEM, Media planning & buying, Utilitament, Web analytics, Web, Mobile, Tablet, we are a powerhouse of Creativity and a marketing solution company for all brands !

Why we do it?

We saw a daunting gap in the industry where everyone was just adapting the main line communication to digital. We knew the future is in creating digital campaigns and other mediums supporting it. We knew digital will become the epicenter of marketing in coming years. We knew we can contribute and make a difference and that’s why we are here !

How we evolve?

Our mantra is:

  1. To never stop learning: One day of the week is set aside to share the knowledge and experiences of our own team mates.
  2. Know the competition: By appreciating good ideas of our peers, we aim to stay ahead of the game!
  3. Staying abreast of news and technology: Newer ideas, new technologies and staying relevant to topical issues helps us to build our brands.

Social responsibility in social media

Best practices and ethical promotions are the only way forward in this transparent world where the consumer and brand are on the same page. Also we make sure that each brand we work for we create meaningful content for them for their consumers to consume

Need of the hour

Have strict defined objectives

Each medium needs to have a reason and a strategy behind it

Have defined targets

Be useful for the consumer

Have more than just broadcasted information about your product.

We learned the hard way

Agencies are the experts and clients need to hear what we tell them. It took us some time to make sure that we work for the brand and not the brand manager, always making sure the BRAND is on the right path and that we do not spend time massaging egos.

Did we just share that?

A client once wanted the last five people that liked their page before it reached 1000 to be rewarded. Instead of the posts going up from 995 to 1000, it started going down! People were unliking the page so that they could be the last five people to like the page!

They work with us

  1. Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd.
  2. SABMiller India
  3. Amanvana Spa Resort
  4. William Penn
  5. Lamy India
  6. Mysore Warriors

Industry as we foresee

Everything is moving fast with technology.

There is so much happening in all aspects but we feel these will be some path breaking:

Use of the medium to solve other problems like supply chain, distribution, recruitment etc than just marketing.

Brand owned very niche social platforms

A day without Internet

It would be filled with Charades and Taboo interspersed with brainstorming for a new pitch and a bit of Pictionary.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring.