Social Media Recruitment - Factors Driving the New Revolution in Hiring

Kunal Shah
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Social Media Recruitment - Factors Driving the New Revolution in Hiring

Our modes of communication and social interaction have been rapidly evolving over the past decade. Social media has been continuously redefining our way of interacting with each other and with society at large.

Businesses play a key role in society and are also impacted with this revolution in media. However, close to 50% of the companies that use social media don't seem to plan their presence on the Internet, thereby risk being alienated to an ever expanding and very dynamic audience. Recent figures on social media reveal that over 60% adults use at least one, if not more, social networking sites to stay connected and it takes up 23% of the total time spent online.

Delay in adoption of this new platform by corporate entities is widening the gap between consumers and them. Social media continues grow rapidly among individual consumers even as businesses are figuring out ways to optimally harness the potential of social media and derive results from it.

Recruitment and talent acquisition is one area where social media has already started outperforming traditional methods. The sheer masses that use websites like Facebook & Linkedin have made it extremely lucrative for social media recruitment. It is anticipated that companies would use social media to fill 80% of job vacancies in 2012.

Exactly how does social media aid in acquiring talent? Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

1. Being Personal

People are the centerpiece when it comes to recruitment. Thus it is crucial to form relationships between prospective employees and employers. The cornerstone of social media, is like minded people sharing interests and engaging in conversation. This makes it easier for companies to find a suitable candidate.

2. Transparency


Social media is essentially very free and open. The companies must be prepared for feedback on everything that they do. So just as you enjoy the online community praising your strategies you must be prepared for criticism. Negative comments are a good way to know your shortcomings thereby helping you improve your strategies.

3. Not just for HR

Social media is increasingly being used by entrepreneurs and small firms. For startups and small firms which don’t have a traditional HR division finding candidates can be a tedious and expensive proposition. Social media enables people to recruit quickly and at a considerably low price.

4. Its Marketing, Silly!

Recruitment is essentially a variant of marketing, instead of a product you are selling a position in your organization. Therefore, similar to marketing talent acquisition requires a solid strategy with a target audience and data. To successfully acquire good talent, using social media brand management, great content and engagement are crucial. Moreover, social media platforms can be used to target the profiles and is measurable, a trait that older processes are found lacking in.

5. Sharing

Employees of a company supplement the recruitment efforts through their own presence on various social media platforms. Marketing vacancies through employees not only increases visibility but also helps facilitate social referrals – one of the best mediums to find quality candidates. Job seekers are also keeping in touch via social media with key members across various industries in a bid to reap the benefits of social referrals.


Social media is not and doesn’t need to the backbone of your recruitment strategy. But ignoring it would be ill-advised. The above mentioned five factors are testimony to the changing ways of recruitment by making it to a more personal and more collaborative.

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