Social Media Agency Feature: Xebec Digital – Full Service Digital Agency

Who are we?

Xebec Digital is a subsidiary company of Xebec Communciations Pvt.Ltd. Started in 2009. Headed  by Sowmya Iyer– CEO.

What’s in the name?

Xebec means a 3 masted Mediterranean warship. We provide the ammunition for marketing warfare.

What we do?

Full service digital agency offering Social media optimization, SEM, SEO, Website design, digital marketing consultancy, designs, app development, creative technology, Onlien reputation management and Content marketing.

Why we do it?

The parent company Xebec Communications evangelized the divison after seeing the potential for digital marketing. It was incubated as division and was subsequently made into a separate

How we evolve?

The team keeps abreast of latest developments by attending workshops, seminars, advertising and marketing festivals kike ad tech, Spikes Asia.

Social responsibility in social media

We avoid cultural/religious/gender biased comments.  Strict monitoring of content that is posted. Being alert and aware of content that is generated at the agency.

Need of the hour

We need a more liberal laws for the internet and specifically for social media. As some innocent users can get embroiled in legal issues without being aware for simply liking a controversial post.

Cyber law has to be updated.

We learned the hard way

Social media is not performance media !

Did we just share that?

Funny SMM incidents or amusing experiences with clients (without naming them if you’d prefer)

They work with us

Cox & kings, MTDC, Symbiosis, VBHC, Welingkar, Munjal University,

Industry as we foresee

It will evolve into a mature industry and there may be agencies which will start specializing in each of the social media platforms.

A day without Internet

It’s like being without electricity.