Ok so you are one smart cookie and you managed to have access to your friend’s Facebook account. And your friend has no idea what he is in for. Or your friend has been stupid enough to leave his Facebook page open. No no, don’t log out for him. Here are some creative ways you can mess around once you have access:


1. Upload a photograph of an ultrasound accompanied by a status message

‘Can’t believe I am going to be a dad! So excited!’


2. Change his birthday to tomorrow

Expect this to happen the very next day.


3. Change their gender

This might not hit your friend initially but you will laugh every time Alan changed her profile picture. Don’t forget to tick ‘show my sex in my profile’ if it isn’t done already.


4. Create an event

Send invites to everyone on his friends list


5. Change the profile picture and cover photo

Hijack your friend’s webcam and take a group picture of all those who are present and set it as profile picture. Or you can also change the profile picture and cover photo to images of ‘My Little Ponies)


6. Compliment people they don’t like but have to be friends with on their wall.

The results are mostly visible offline.

Head in Hands

7. Write a status message asking to send your friend a text because he has lost all contacts.

Then sit and sneer as he gets messages from his friends saying hey this is my number.


8. Like a terrible profile pic of your friend’s

Ask ‘why isn’t anyone else liking it except me?’


9. Simply take a catchphrase from a TV program or film

Use it inappropriately in statuses and comments. One of the favourites and to get the idea of what we mean is: “I am a real boy – Pinochhio’


10. Post to their wall

“You left your Facebook account unprotected again. I could’ve done terrible things to you, but I didn’t. This time. You owe me big time”

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