Twitter Chat with @MihirBijur: How To Run A Successful Social Media Campaign

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Twitter chat with Mihir Bijur

Every brand today wants to make a mark in social media space. Social media marketing is one of the finest ways where you can directly engage, share and connect with your customers. It has become a very serious business for most of Marketers across the globe.

However, to run a successful social media campaign, you should know your audience behavioural pattern well and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques that is constantly happening in social media space.

To help you deflate the cloud around the secret to run a successful social media campaign, Social Samosa presents to you our #SamosaChats Twitter Chat on How To Run a Successful Social Media Campaign. You can ask any question you have about social media analytics using the hashtag #SamosaChats and it will be answered by our expert panelist from Shaadi.comunnamed

Date & Time:

Thursday, 16th Oct. 3 PM to 4 PM

Our Panelist

Mihir Bijur – AGM - Social Media and Corporate Communications at People Group

How to Join the Twitter Chat?

In order to participate in this chat, you need to follow the hashtag #SamosaChats. If you want to ask a question or want to share your views, you can post using this hashtag.

Our panelist (@mihirbiijur) will go through all the tweets and will respond to your questions throughout the 1 hour period.

Through these invaluable discussions, we hope to help our participants explore and understand the mechanics behind running a social media campaigns in a better way.

This hashtag is what will hold the discussion together, so you are requested to use #SamosaChats every time you tweet your queries or views.

How to Track the Hashtag?

Join our Social Samosa LiveStream to track all the tweets regarding the Twitter Chat.

Oh… and did we mention that the best question will also receive free samosas from us?

We look forward to your participation and if you have queries about the chat, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Again, don’t forget to use #SamosaChats while tweeting!

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