What Your Facebook Cover Image Says About You

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What Your Facebook Cover Image Says About You

Ever since Facebook updated its user interface to a timeline, users have been asked to upload a cover image along with their display picture on their profiles. Cover images are like a customized banner that allows you to highlight an aspect of yourself more visually and prominently (and help you impress people). Here are 12 popular types of Facebook covers that say a lot about their users.

1. Paradise like Scenic beauty

Glorious sunsets at the beach, breathtaking views of a valley, evergreen forests and rivers flowing merrily along - If you’ve got cover pictures like this then you’re definitely a travel enthusiast. Or you’re probably the proud new owner of a DSLR camera.

12. Adrenaline pumping shots

Shots of you bungee jumping in South Africa or white water rafting in Costa Rica say it to the world loud and clear-Thrill seeking Adventure junkie!

23. Delectable Delights

Brownies, chocolate fudge sundaes, cheese oozing pizzas and BBQ glazed ribs. Masterchef Australia is your favorite show on TV. Need I say more? You’re a foodie!


4. A collage of shoes, clothes, accessories and ‘look’ shots

Winking and pouting, lip gloss et al, I know who you are! You’re the self proclaimed fashionista of your social circle, who loves selfies and is a princess in pink. Hoping to catch someone’s eyes and be the next top model.


5. Circle of friends

Usually taken at picnics, get-togethers or parties, these pictures make it pretty clear that you’re a social butterfly who loves your buddies and uses social media to connect with them and make new friends.



About life, love and the pursuit of happiness-you’ve had them all at one point of time. You’re a good Samaritan. You like using your cover image as a way to share a message that reinforces something you believe in or may be life altering for those who see it.

67. Anime/Memes/Cartoons

You like making people smile. Witty and insightful, you’re a jolly soul and a delightful company for those around you.

78. Zodiac /star signs

You believe in karma. You believe in tarot readings. You believe in the Yin-Yang balance of the universe. If the dragon scroll existed, you’d probably believe in that too. So you use your cover pictures to highlight your Esotericism.


9. Quirky and creative

Probably self- designed too, just to show the world what a genius you are; how you stand out from the ‘muggles’ (read ordinary folks).


10. Holiday trips

Pictures of you, your wife and kids on an endless white sandy beach –taken on your last trip to Mauritius, of course! You’re the adorable family guy. Cover pictures are perfect for sharing with the world Lisa’s first birthday or Adam’s school recital, aren’t they?


11. Equipment for a Heavy Metal Concert

Guitars. Check. Drum kit. Check. Keyboard. Check. Microphone and all that jazz. Check.

No points for guessing this one. You’re a Music Lover/member of a College Band.


12. DIY/Artwork

So you’re an artsy one, longing to make an extra buck from all those fancy things you can make with a little bit of paper, glue, paint and ribbons. Show off your talent and attract potential customers (Read tweens looking for anything that sparkles) through that cover picture!


So the next time you’re uploading a cover picture, we hope you’ll really think about what you really want to say with it.Toodles!

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