Audi India’s Diwali Initiative Enabled People to Light up Homes With a Tweet

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Audi India lights up lives!

Diwali season is that time of the year when brands spend heavily on their advertising. Discounts and offers make ‘Push’ the keyword for the season. Audi India came up with a unique initiative to make their presence felt – they collaborated with with their fans, and used Diwali as a platform to promote their long association with LED technology, while giving back to the society.

The Audi-LED connect.

LED technology is one of the most clean and energy-efficient ways to light a place, be it a room or the road. Audi, over the years, has been the leader in LED technology, introducing a gamut of daytime running lights in their cars.


This Diwali, Audi wanted to take LED technology to the masses. In specific, to the many households in villages that face frequent power troubles or are deprived of electricity. To do this, Audi launched a Twitter campaign on October 23 with #ShareYourLight. For every 50 tweets, Audi pledged to provide a set of solar LED lamps to a village household.

A microsite was created for users to track the traffic of tweets vis-à-vis the number of homes to be lit.

@AudiIn urged its 45,000+ followers to share their Diwali wishes using the hashtag. The goal was to light up 400 homes with 20,000 tweets. To increase the number of tweets, Audi also promoted the hashtag across platforms – the 3.6 millions followers on Facebook, included.

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The result:

The initiative kicked off with a whopping response of 5000 tweets on Diwali day itself. Unlike most of the Twitter campaigns that go dull on festivals, this one proved to be an exception. People even shared their Diwali pictures with #ShareYourLight. And the conversation went on for six days.

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#ShareYourLight: success in numbers

  • Audi India reached its target of 20,000 tweets with a bonus of 
6000 re-tweets.
  • Got endorsed by some twitter celebrities.
  • Bagged a total impression of 120 million+.
  • Reached 10 million individuals.
  • Achieved the goal of lighting up 400 homes.

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