Facebook’s New Terms & Conditions For Users In 2015

Facebook has taken heed from their user’s feedback and agreed to improve on the terms & conditions with respect to the user’s privacy for the coming year 2015. As soon as one logs on to Facebook, they can see a notification from Facebook alerting them about the updated data policy and other changes.

facebook notifica


With Privacy Basics, Facebook users can take charge of the kind of experience they wish to have on their feed & features. Facebook has also updated their terms & conditions to reflect on some new features. They are giving direct control of the online behavior of the ads to their users, based on the apps being used and some other privacy settings.



Some of the key improvements will be these –

  • Helping you get more out of Facebook –  Facebook has always been about how people use their apps and services to connect with the people, places and things they care about. Hence Facebook will collect information that will enrich the user experience and get the most out of it.
  • Discover what’s going on around you and your Nearby Friends with improved location settings – Although the Nearby Friends feature is available in a few regions, in 2015 it might be made available to everyone. You might be able to see menus from nearby restaurants and or maybe even book tickets to events happening nearby you and see check which friends are attending it.
  • Make purchases more convenient with the Buy button – Even this feature is in the beta phase, hence its being tested in only a few regions. Soon, Facebook will make it convenient for users to make purchases through their a/c  with the Buy button.
  • Making their data policy shorter and clearer, making it easier to comprehend – To make their changes in Terms & Conditions more clear and transparent,they’ve moved tips and suggestions to Privacy Basics. You can clear your doubts by reading through this section as the terms have been explained in a guided manner.
  • Giving you more control over ads which is major issue as some of the users who don’t wish to see advertisements from certain brands – Users are curious to know which information is being shared with the advertisers. To solve this query, Facebook has allowed users to opt out of  ads based on the apps and sites you use through the Digital Advertising Alliance.
  • Collecting information only to improve the user experience – Facebook will use information which might be vital to the user in the future in the case of a crisis. For example- if you’re locked out of your Instagram account, you can use your Facebook information to recover your password.

These updates will come to effect on January 1, 2015.