Fiat Avventura’s #LiveAlive Campaign Encourages Adventure Enthusiasts to Fulfil their Desires

FIAT’s Avventura, the first contemporary urban vehicle (CUV) creates a buzz in its pre-launch phase. Avventura is targeted at people who want to break free from their routine and experience life through adventure, passion and feel alive. The campaign is based on the tagline ‘Boring is Dead. It’s time to live alive with Fiat Avventura’.


The objective was to position Fiat Avventura as an adventurous, fun loving brand and to target adventure enthusiasts to connect with the brand. This was done by associating the campaign on the tagline ‘Boring is Dead’. The campaign urges people to move out of their mundane life and do more adventurous and fun activities.


The brand brief was worked upon to create an engaging content campaignThe team used radio and digital platforms to create maximum noise and amplification for the brand. Keeping this brand imagery of a sporty active lifestyle in mind, the brand crafted a contest that is running on radio and digital with noted television anchor and actor Gauahar Khan as the face of the campaign.

A three part series call for entries video has been released digitally. The first promo with Gauahar shows her getting bored in traffic and then cuts to enjoying her drive in the Fiat Avventura. In the second one, Gauahar is bored watching TV shows and then she takes her Fiat Avventura and goes mountain biking. In the third promo Gauahar is bored at work in the office and later shown kayaking.

The content campaign also involved radio spots on Radio city using their time check and traffic update sections. High engagement of listeners via the radio campaign ensued where the listeners called RJs and shared their Live Alive experiences. Gauahar Khan also shared her experiences on radio with the RJs. Both Fiat and Gauahar Khan used their social media presence to promote this activity. The campaign also used Radio City’s social media presence to further leverage this activity.

Participants have to go through the following modus operandi:

  • Go to the Fiat Microsite and share one thing from their bucket list which they want Fiat to fulfil
  • Through a selection process, four winners would be chosen and their bucket list realised by FIAT Avventura
  • 4 content videos will be made with these 4 winners – where we will show them fulfilling their bucket list

fiat 1 All the videos are present on the Youtube channel of the brand.  

Social Media Content Calendar 2019

This is one of the biggest content campaigns for FIAT in India till date. Within 3 days of release, over 1000 entries have poured in. The campaign was well integrated across platforms with the same message going across all its communications channels – be it social, radio, advertising or public relations. The brand reached out to their target audience at multiple levels. The campaign captured the essence of the product and reached out to a category that resonates with adventure, fun and fulfilling your desires. Radio and digital was the right mix for this campaign considering the brand values of Fiat Avventura.

Gauahar Khan is a popular celebrity (of the Big Boss fame) amongst the target audience and has a twitter following of 219k on her personal account – not to mention the multiple Gauahar Khan Fan Club twitter ids (@FCGauharKhan has 26.9k followers) which sporadically and some continually retweet what she tweets. Being the face of the campaign Gauahar Khan also changed her twitter cover page and her profile picture for a while to the one shot during the campaign. The brand therefore chose a celebrity who did not overshadow the brand and the attributes while talking about the product and the campaign on her social media pages, to her followers and fans.

The brand invites participants to share their bucket list and then takes 4 of the wishes and fulfils them. That gives the brand an aura and leaves the participants and the winners with a positive sentiment towards the brand. The selection of winners was based on their bucket list wish and why they want to do it – regardless of the numbers of followers they have on social media. Using real people and real stories, and fulfilling their wishes, made the winners brand ambassadors in a true sense in the real world and not just in the social pages.

fiat 3

Areas for improvement

Creating a hashtag that connects with the campaign could have made the campaign expand some more. #LiveAlive was used and was not part of the call to action for participants or part of the modus operandi. A more unique hashtag which had the brand name #LiveAvventura or #AliveAvventure would have given the brand more visibility and a direct connect with the brand’s attributes. Even #Boringisdead makes for an interesting hashtag which allows the participant and the audience connect with the campaign directly.

Tagging the winners on social media – no matter how small their following was could authenticate winners as the real people Fiat claims to have selected. Yes having a good mix of people who are fairly popular on twitter and FB and also coming across as ‘real people’ can be beneficial for the brand.

Using instagram additionally to make the bucket list instead of just listing it on the micro-site would have got in more than the 1000 entries this campaign got. Frankly I couldn’t find the micro-site to send in my entry. Maybe UGC could have helped a little bit more – getting people to talk about their bucket lists on youtube would have got the campaign a lot more visibility, couple that with tagging #BoringisDead would have got the campaign additional tweets on twitter and Facebook.


You can say that the intent for making the campaign acceptable and visible is there but the approach seems a little regulated and repressed – or should we say slightly boring. The campaign has a great idea, great set of brand values to target the right audience – which is actually the hot-bed for creating a good UGC based campaign. Fiat being Fiat, you really can’t get into a no hold barred social media campaign – you get to be sporty, adventurous and active, and get your desires fulfilled – but within limits. Maybe this was a regulated approach to an otherwise great idea, because it was the first of its kind in size and character. Hope to see more such campaigns from Fiat.


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