Social Media Chatter Reveals Insights from Bigg Boss That Other Reality Shows Can Use

big boss 7

For a period of 104 days when Bigg Boss was aired on Colors TV, social media became a prominent marketing platform for the show. With maximum social media chatter about the show going on during the airtime, it was evident that the show was also running on a second screen (read social media) where audience could easily adore or curse the show and its contestants.

Viewers could tweet their messages to the contestants inside the house, who would get them at the end of every week, the results of weekly eliminations with relevant pictures were posted online for the viewers to stay updated.

With an intent to learn about the show and its social media impact, we set out to ‘listen’ to what people were saying about Bigg Boss on social media. For this, we used SocialAppsHQ’s Social Media Monitoring tool and it revealed certain facts that can be good and important lessons for various new and ongoing reality shows in India and across the globe. Seeing the way things shaped up for Bigg Boss, we can easily conclude that there is a lot to learn from Bigg Boss.

Here are the top 7 things, we can learn from Bigg Boss 7:

 Stardom matters

It takes concept to create a show, but it takes a star to run it. Salman Khan became one of the most prominent factors in Bigg Boss’s success. This was evident from the fact that the Salman Khan alone accounted for 21.25% of all the social media chatter related to Bigg Boss. The superstar registered more mentions than any contestant on the show.

social media mention  Bigg boss

 Two to Tango

One can create a buzz, two can create a stir. While social media chatter targeted at individual contestants accounted for 34% of Bigg Boss mentions, chatter targeted at couples accounted for nearly 26% of the total chatter. This worked in favor of the contestants as well, especially for Armaan Kohli who was mentioned in 47% of the social media chatter around Tanisha, and Kushal who appeared in 44% of the mentions of Gauhar Khan.

 bigg boss coupling

 Controversy Matters

No matter how good your show is, nothing boosts gossip around your show better than controversy. On the day of Armaan’s arrest, he got 75% more daily mentions than his previous best. This was also the maximum chatter around any Bigg Boss celebrity in one day including the host and superstar, Salman Khan.

 bigg boss Mentions

 Bad Boyz Rock

People love bad boys. Well, at least that’s what you deduce when you find out that of all the contestants on Bigg Boss 7 Kushal and Armaan got the most mentions at 12% and 11% respectively.

 Forget Google+

Search engine means Google. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with Google+ too. Considering that Bigg Boss had almost twice as much videos on the web than posts on Google+, the potential of this unwanted social networking site is evident.

 social media distribution bigg boss

 Facebook follows Twitter Talks

Even though Bigg Boss’s Facebook page has more than 4 million likes when compared to the mere 100,000 followers of the show on Twitter, Twitter registered more than twice as much chatter for the show than Facebook.

 It’s not about what happens in the house, it’s about who stays and who goes

The house was open 7 days a week, the show was telecast 7 days a week, but people talked the most on the day of eviction.

Keeping these simple points in mind, reality shows can truly boost their performance and viewership. Bigg Boss has grown a lot in the past seven years. Their strategies of keeping the audiences glued to their TV sets and intriguing them to such an extent that they talk about it all the time is amazing. These key points can help you boost your show’s TRP and add that X-factor to your show.You may not get an award, but you will get your audience.