HUL Teaches Snapdeal an Epic Marketing Lesson

Poor customer service, delayed deliveries, duplicate products are some unfortunate experiences online-shoppers have faced sometime or the other shopping from e-commerce portals. But must say, Snapdeal has taken the goof-up to an all new level, by raising the bar higher.

As per a Facebook post coming from a disappointed Snapdeal customer Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy, who stays in Borivali, said that he had ordered a Samsung Core Duos phone to gift his wife on her birthday, but instead received a brick & a bar of dish washing soap (Vim).

Krishnamurthy went on explaining his bad experience with Snapdeal further in the comments, saying that more than a week passed by and Snapdeal had not resolved the issue. Later, on 28th Oct, Krishnamurthy also commented – “Snapdeal has finally promised to return the money within 5 – 6 working days!!”

Snapdeal apologized for the unfortunate incident that Krishnamurthy had to go through and also said that the entire sum of money would be refunded. The company said that they are investigating into the issue.


In an email from Snapdeal, this is what the spokesperson said:

“Snapdeal has a robust customer addressal system in place, where we ensure that users have the best shopping experience on our website. In the said case, we deeply regret the mix up that inconvenienced our customer. As soon as the case was reported our team got in touch with the customer and the issue was resolved by making a full refund to the customer. We are investigating the origin of this issue and will get to the root of the cause to rectify this, so that it does not repeat itself in the future. At, we strive to create the best shopping experience and will continue to work in this direction.”

Days later, here’s what HUL had to say to the disappointed customer –

“The pictures you posted online show that our brand was used in this incident. Vim is one of our iconic brands with some great consumer franchise. We felt bad about it, not to mention what you went through. Here is a small gesture from our side to cheer you up.”

Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy must be quiet a fortunate man to receive an overwhelming surprise from HUL who sent him a Samsung Core Duos phone that he had ordered from Snapdeal.


This was really one epic marketing tactic by HUL, Vim’s parent company.