Top 5 posts shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on LinkedIn

Maulik Kalamthekar
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Top 5 posts shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on LinkedIn

Narendra Modi has made sure that he embraces all forms of social media to reach out to the people. This is a rising trend among prominent politicians to connect to the masses and give themselves an edge over conventional ways of propaganda.

  1. Come, Make in India

The Prime Minister urged foreign nations and international companies to invest and set up production in India.

  1. ICT for One Nation – One Mission

Narendra Modi strongly emphasized on the urgent need to implement ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into all corporate and government processes. He also stressed on how the internet is of paramount importance and how India needs to adapt and change to the growing need of such technology to develop as a superpower.


  1. The Beginning of A New Chapter in India-China Relations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jingping to discuss the full range of issues including political and security issues, economic relations and people-to-people contacts between the two Nations.


4.      Women’s Empowerment – Critical to India’s Development Journey

Narendra Modi raised the critical issue of Women’s Empowerment and stressed the issue of economic and political freedom of women in India.


5.      Let us script a glorious future for India

In an inspirational post to the people of India, Narendra Modi talked about him being a firm believer in power technology and social media  and how he plans to utilize these to develop India and its people.

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