Siddharth Mallya’s Youtube Stint With #SidSessions

Everyone’s impression of Siddharth Mallya was that of a typical spoilt brat with an over the top ego and no potential hobby apart from splurging his daddy’s money and dating famous actresses. But boy does this video prove me wrong mate. “Sid’s Sessions” is his new channel on Youtube hosted by Siddharth himself, #sidsession is his first production venture under 7 Storm Media. Junior Mallya will respond to some of the quirky questions asked by his followers on social media and the show will have six episodes in the first season (Inspired from Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebs read mean Tweets much?” Okayy mate).

With his British accent reminiscent of a desi Russel Brand, his comedy however doesn’t stack up quite well to his level and intellect. The set and & décor was straight up pimpin. His replies to the followers were spontaneous and witty surprisingly as halfway through the video you realize Sid going the Alia Bhatt route of poking fun at himself. Everything from underwear advice to taking sly shots at his Ex with the whole cleavage issue, #sidsessions might turn out to be full of humorous and fresh content from Siddharth Mallya.

The twitter folks are loving it too.

funny convo funny tweets #sidsessions

More than a lakh views already, we are looking forward to the second episode!