Social Media Agency Feature: Fuego – A Digital Media Agency

Who are we?

We are Fuego, a digital media agency born in New York, in early 2012, brought up in Chennai and now travelling to Bangalore. Co founded by Omprakash Karuppanan ( the techie) and Pooja Goyal ( the marketer) we are a determined startup, with a core team in Chennai and Bangalore.

We work out of a swanky office space sometimes, coffee shop sometimes and even off our cars sometimes, spaces don’t matter to us, work does, getting the client his ROI does.

There’s a very long story to how we started and how things rolled, some other day, drop in, visit our website for a coffee together!

What’s in the name?

Fuego, pronounced as Fu-aye-go, and not foogo, or fyuuugo, is flame, in Spanish, a burning desire that lights up a space, a light that gives you visibility, just like how we flame up the brand image of our clients.

What we do?

While we proudly boast about the way we package content, we’re also into Social Media Management, Web design, analytics,  SEO and SEM, media planning (both online and offline), pay-per-click (PPC) strategy and Conversation analysis (ROI), innovative solutions –  technology like augmented reality, 3D holograms and gesture response, creation and execution of 360 degree digital media campaigns.

Why we chose this?

Well, we wont say we’re in it only for the love of digital media, we’re in it because we believe that India’s a fantastic and emerging market in terms of going digital and also because we believe we can make a difference with ideas, strategy and execution to deliver and attain that ROI. We’re proud of the way we work around our content strategy because we believe, as a fact that nothing works after a point if your content isn’t evolving.

How we evolve?

ADAPT – If there’s anything we learnt from being in this industry, it is to adapt, to the clients needs and work around strategy accordingly, every client has a different requirement and demands a very innovative approach. Keeping up to trends is one thing and applying them correctly to attain the desired result is another, we evolve as we attempt to bridge the gap between the two. We study, analyze, apply to deliver and well, who’s to say a little trial and error doesn’t work!

So if you notice, we love taking up challenging projects, be it optimizing a you tube channel extensively to gamifying a concept, because we believe there’s so many creative approaches to any problem and for some reason the road less travelled always appeals to us.

Social responsibility in social media

While everything is about selling these days, clients want quick results and content is packaged to sell, we as an agency believe that we need to add more value to what we expose our audience to instead of just putting information out there to sell the brand. Socially we believe, if we focus on adding more value to the brand along with selling it in terms of likes and shares we will build a better online presence for ourselves and our clients.

Need of the hour

Social networking isn’t an instant ROI process, it takes time, like the stew takes to cook.

Its not all about the likes and shares and engagement all the time, but some times it just is. Identify, apply but know the need of the brand before that.

Work on quality more in moderation with quantity.

Educate, Inform and add value – have to insist on this again!

Social Networking is beyond the usage of popular networking sites, get innovative, play with information and technology and add some flavor of your own to it.

We learned the hard way

Nothing comes easy, really! and except for ideas, anything that comes easy doesn’t last long, that’s what we heard them say. So we learnt it all the hard way, what goes when and where, what to keep and things we had to let go. All we leant has made us wiser, stronger and better because we learnt it all, the harder way!

Did we just share that?

There’s this one time, when we were handling SMM for a national  TV show, our content associates would receive mails on the page from fans asking for jobs with the TV channel, abusing the characters on the show which was hilarious to read, but the craziest was this one fan who sent us a picture of him holding his fathers kidney asking the channel for a job! yes, we just shared that..

They work with us

We’ve worked with the coolest set of clients from different industries,


Star TV, Suvarna TV, AVM productions,

Hindustan records, Gitanjali Audio.

Health and Beauty

Vcare, Spring Med Spa, Behanced and more..


Clarion group of hotels, Hanu Reddy residences.


IV Play, Urumi, Ajji and more..

IT and Technology

Tab Tree, Veusoft, Techfront and more..


Fomra Housing, VME reality, Jain housing

Apart from working with some celebrities, how we wish to reveal the names.

Industry as we foresee

Indian audience is getting very internet savy, very informed and very aware. The indian consumer is rising to technology and opening to voicing. We believe, one has to really understand how the audience evolves and where they hit threshold in order to sustain, grow and make a difference.

A day without Internet

A day without internet would be like, going back in time, when we would roll the window down and ASK PEOPLE for directions, take calls and TALK to long lost friends and well, just read the newspaper or watch the news to know what’s happening, pretty slow!! A national holiday may make us work sometimes but no internet is a sure shot holiday, sometimes, we love.

Lastly, are you hiring?