How Social Media and Search Will Combine in Search Marketing Integration

Gurinder Batra
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The virtual world is no stranger to being a host of various questions asked from all over. Google has been one of the popularly used search engines all across the globe. However the social media websites are making some pretty big changes to get interlinked with the way people search on the web.

Social media searching is slowly trying to catch up to the search engine website’s pace. There is a constant battle between a search engine and the social media to develop new codes to beat each other in a fight to stay relevant and at the top.


Search marketing integration or SMI is taking the virtual world by storm. This is a new method of searching that is being developed by programmers all over. This can be explained with the Facebook Graph Search.

Searching combined with social media helps in bringing out more relevant results for the users. It gives out results that the users friends have tried out or the ones he is most likely to pick or is looking for. Let me explain you with the help of an example.

Suppose a user is looking for a good place to eat Chinese food in an area. A friend’s suggestion is likely to hold more value than a search engine’s answer. In the same way SMI helps in giving out results that are recommended and promoted by people the user knows. This helps in creating a more credible results page.


Some of the noted features of the now increasing trend of SMI's are, that almost every social media website is making efforts to integrate it in their website. Brands can increase their chances of showing up in such searches by using the help of SEO services.

By creating fresh and unique content and using the keywords that are more likely to be searched for they can keep themselves on top of the search results. Also a recent survey has shown that creating a video blog for your brand has proven to be more effective than a text and picture based site. A video blog is much more interactive and also helps in bringing your content on top of the search results page.

A company should now depend on social media from the start of a product launch to the after sale results. The importance of social media cannot be denied and it will create an impact on the search engine rankings of a company as well. there are various tools available for a company to track its credibility as well as visibility on various search engines such as google analytics, etc.


With the recent changes in technology and the way business is being carried out one cannot help but stress on the increasing relevance of having a social media profile for your brand. Social media is perhaps the most influential marketing and promotional technique in business now and the significance of this is not to be taken lightly.

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