Social Media Agency Feature: Grapes Digital – Digital Marketing Agency

Who are we?

We are Grapes Digital Pvt. Ltd. – A promising Digital Marketing Agency that brews digital wine. We are a bunch of grapes who are known to be inherent listeners, technology geeks, self-proclaimed apprentices of Leonardo da Vinci and storytellers that act as solution providers to varied digital marketing needs of our clients.

Grapes Digital was conceptualized and setup by our ‘Senior Grape’ Mr. Himanshu Arya, in the year 2009 and since then it has grown from strength to strength into a full service digital marketing agency. With a legacy of 6 years and a strength of 50 people we have catered to brands like airtel, Times of India, PWC, Horlicks, Haldirams, Sehwag International School among others


What’s in the name?

Grapes Digital is like a vineyard where we brew digital wine for our clients and brand in the same fashion as vinification. Check out how we do this.

Wine Making                               —-                  Digital Brewing

Selection of Grapes                      —-                  Selection of Team

Crushing & Pressing                   —-                  Brainstorming

Fermentation                                 —-                  Design & Development

Aging                                                 —-                  Digital Marketing

Bottling                                            —-                  Brand Case study

To know more watch this video

Video Grapes Digital from Grapes Digital on Vimeo.

What we do?


As gossips spread out and go viral through grapevine, similarly our efforts spread the story of brands and companies we work for. This is only because of our belief in creativity and preservance. Our efforts involve everything from product conceptualization, planning, strategization to execution. As a full-scale digital marketing agency we offer following services:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Creative & Communication Strategy
    • Design (Web, e-Commerce & Mobile)
    • UX (User Experience)
    • Content Creation
  • Technology
    • HTML & Interface development
    • Backend & CMS development
    • Application development on both web and mobile
  • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimisaion and Content Marketing
    • Social, ORM & e-PR
    • Google Adwords and other Paid Media
    • Email and SMS marketing
  • Analytics

Why we do it?

Web space has untamable potential but we also realized that out of zillions of pages and trillions of websites, not all can get equal opportunity. Even the best could get drowned in the sea of information over the web. And to help brands and companies sail to promising shores, we took up the noble work of digital marketing ;)

How we evolve?

Thanks to meticulously planned and structured growth map that Mr. Himanshu Arya, Founder and CEO, envisioned and executed flawlessly; Grapes Digital did not faced any setback since its inception. Yes! We too learned some of the lessons the hard way and our evolution from a web design and SEO company to a prominent digital marketing agency has not been all rosy, but it is also a fact that we never lost our way. More importantly, Grapes Digital, for all these years, has managed to grow both in terms of its reputation and in terms of moolah.

Social responsibility in social media

Keep Calm & Join Social Responsibility!

Social media has emerged as a great leveler and has empowered everyone, right from a single person to a Fortune 500 company to directly communicate with its prospect. And along came transparency that requires to be handled cautiously. As a digital marketing agency, we unleash the power of social media for benefit of our client but take every care of maintaining their online reputation by responsibly tending to any sort of negative remark over social networking websites.

Need of the hour

With 250+ Million and still growing internet population, the dynamics of web has become incomprehensible and almost celestial in nature. And therefore, a much needed order and structure is required ensuring the digital space is kind to all. Though, the web is fairly regularized, but with each passing day new avenues of opportunities crop up, which definitely require to be handled suitably.

To start with; regulatory guidelines for ecommerce and business through social networking platforms for SMBs are certainly the need of the hour.

We learned the hard way

The founders of Grapes Digital imparted and made the best use of valuable knowledge they gained from all the lessons that they learnt the hard way. One of them: A bad employee needs to be released… you are running a business & not charity.

Did we just share that?

We have not lost even a single client in the last three and half years. In the same period we managed to assist our clients to grow at an average rate of 23% annually.

Hmmmm….We made world’s first app for world’s first android camera – Samsung; for Times of India OOH!!

Hmmmm…we come to office on Saturdays too …just to listen to music, brainstorm on weird ideas and then leave for all night parties.

They work with us

We have more than 500 clients to name but due to want of space we are just putting up names of some of the brands/companies/ professionals for whom we work.

  • Airtel
  • Sbarro Restaurants
  • Horlicks,
  • Times OOH,
  • Haldirams
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers PWC
  • Sehwag International school
  • Moolchand Healthcare
  • Mohani Tea
  • 21Diamonds
  • ICSI (Institute of companies secretaries of India)
  • Ruplee
  • Nuturing Green
  • Amkette

…and a lot more

Industry as we foresee

Digital marketing and Indian social media industry is still in infancy and it is yet to witness its best time. In the recent future, strong growth sentiments will rule the industry and there will be a lot to manage and cater. Most importantly, the future holds for us a greater role in shaping the digital market space.

A day without Internet

Is like Chand bina Aasman ( wah wah wah wah)

Internet is essential to our work and social life and so a day without internet will be like – No Work. No Play aka Boring.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, Totally!! Anybody who is crazy and is looking to do some crazy stuff in digital media is more than welcomed!!