Social Media Agency Feature: Jazzap Digital

Who are we?

Jazzap Digital, is a 360 Degree Online Marketing Agency based in Mumbai that provides comprehensive online advertising services all over. This is what you’ll read ubiquitously where Jazzap is featured.

History: Jazzap was founded 3 years back when we realized this is the right time to start an agency before a huge gush of agencies start to form all over India.

Team: The team here at Jazzap Digital can be only defined with the term “Digital Maniacs”. Whilst we’re at work, we’re keenly, passionately, insanely, frantically and crazily in love with everything that we do. We Worship What We Do. DIGITAL.

As mentioned on our site, we provide wide-ranging and all-inclusive online marketing and advertising solutions to varieties of brands. In other terms, ready to do anything to help enterprises accomplish their revenue, market-share and customer loyalty objectives through the exercise of digital media marketing. Our wide-ranging bunch of services range from Media to Creative to Search and Analytics to Mobile Apps and IOS and More.

To sum up, everything you need in Digital Media Advertising is dished up and packaged at Jazzap to meet your business objectives.

But we do not stop just here; with the title of Online Marketing Agency being our prime focus, we also provide offline marketing and advertising solutions to our clients. Our offline solutions range from indoor-outdoor marketing, Print media advertising, Logo works, Graphic Designing, Pop Displays, Light boxes & LED Lighting, Adaptation Work, Wood Displays and Fixtures, Custom Fabrications,  Graphic Roll-outs and much more.

In shorter terms; if a client comes to Jazzap, he/she/it will never go empty handed. That is our guarantee.

What’s in the name?

As it is said, all good things happen over coffee; ‘Jazzap’ came around in the same way. With a couple of concentrated (amusing) meetings amongst Zoh and Ali (Co-Founders) at Ali’s residence, we wished for a name that is catchy and at the same time Jazzy. And voila that was the moment the magical word “JAZZAP” was proposed. The name was short, uniquely catchy and most importantly, its domain was available ;)  There was no second thought given after that.

What we do?

To explain this in one statement, our motto is “Anything and Everything Online”. But in detail, we do Social Media Marketing and Management (SMO and SMM), Social media consulting, Contests and applications, Facebook fan building, Social commerce, Online PR, Website Designing and Development, Mobile website, Mobile Development, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Applications, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Online Reputation Pro-active and Re-active levels, ORM Consulting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Fan Acquisitions, Brand Development, Crisis Management and Lots More… Pheww! that’s a mouthful J

Why we do it?

Now this is the question I was waiting for. Why we do it?… Because “WE LOVE DIGITAL MARKETING”. We love to live in it; every breath and every thought in our minds are related to digital marketing. While walking on road we think of how we can help this and that brand achieve good things in the digital market. That’s how fanatically crazy we are about digital marketing.

How we evolve?

Digital marketing industry is obviously growing at a very fast pace in India or should I say globally. Evolution is that bug that does not let you sleep the whole night until you come up with a solution to overcome it; and that is how we are growing, we find our way out of every situation. The good thing about us (I believe) is that we know that we are in a situation, which we openly convey and we have no issues in consulting others for solutions, even our employees at the ground level (Who knows where an idea can come from).

Social responsibility in social media

Now that everything is so transparent and all concerned parties are exposed to all the information. How does one handle the social responsibility aspect from an agency point of view.

It’s always fun to work with clients and prospects who know how things are going at every pace. This allows us as an agency to grow and evolve at a much higher level intellectually and professionally.

Need of the hour

We have experienced, things need to be simplified for the generic masses out there that are getting pulled in turmoil created by the cyber crimes. Generic infotainment should be made easily available and we (agencies) should be the ones who are proactively promoting it, and that is how a trust will be generated in the minds of the generic masses for the coming digital era.

We learned the hard way

Never think the person in front is a dumbass, although he acts as one.

Without dedication, Ideas are nothing.

They work with us

Neptune Developers, Majestic MRSS, Smarteriors – Interior Designer, Desi Toys, Giftyco, Royal EXIM, Footerz, Blacksquare Suitings, A. Noormohamed & Sons – Interior Designer and Architect, Parcel Express, Tarmac Manpower, Murad International, Pacific Continental, Vertitide Shipping, Vimora

Industry as we foresee

Thing are growing and newer technologies are coming as we see. With newer technologies new platforms for marketing will appear.

A day without Internet

Being connected now is like breathing. What would a day without Internet be like?

It’s like a day without air.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes indeed, we are in search for talented people who are dedicated yet fun loving.