Social Media Agency Feature: Pulp Strategy Communications – A Full Service Agency

Who are we?

Pulp Strategy Communications- Innovation unites us and sets us apart.

Pulp Strategy is a multi award-winning full service agency in the realm of Tech enabled, digital and Interactive marketing.

Founded in the year 2011. It is our mission to provide comprehensive consultation and inspiring solutions towards the development, creation, implementation and measurement of consumer engagement for our clients. We believe in creating result-oriented partnerships, which embrace mutual respect, dignity and long-term value creation. Investing to create and develop advanced technologies, action-provoking communication, providing outstanding products and services that fulfill the needs of those we value most.

Founder: Ambika Sharma; Co founder Raj Vikram Singh

Pulp Strategy has lent its expertise in creative storytelling and digital engagement strategies to leading and globally reputed brands like Michelin, Renault, Philips, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Dabur among others. It has established its name as India’s youngest and most awarded agency with 50 global and national recognitions.

This well recognized syndicate skilled in addressing specific brand marketing objectives through cutting edge solutions is headquartered in New Delhi and has branches across India in Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai.  The company’s business network extends via international associate offices in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Europe, USA, & China.


What’s in the name?

Pulp is the core of the 1st revolution of communication with paper spreading the written word, and strategy is the key to successful conversations. Pulp Strategy is a state of mind with the uncompromising principals of communication – digital diversity, honesty, disruption, creativity, and technology enablement, agility and result orientation

What we do?

Pulp Strategy’s forte lies in the seamless convergence with a comprehensive range of digital and tech infused solutions that combine strategy, creativity, consumer insight, engagement design and technology to deliver measurable results. We enable our clients in creating conversations with their consumers using

  • Strategic planning and creative dimensioning for interactive goals
  • Creative and content development. (Static, animated and video based content).
  • Technology and interphase development across screens and device formats
  • Brand Activation and retail enablement platforms

Why we do it?

We believe that we are partners in our clients marketing goals and not just their digital or interactive needs. We know that digital and offline is the rare niche of success with Indian audiences. We merge the best of both worlds with Ideas, creative content, strategy, infrastructure and experience to accelerate marketing milestone success and map the next dimension for our clients.

How we evolve?

We know that we are the single force of excellence driven by collective individual voices. We foster a culture that enhances individual creativity and teamwork value. Technology trends and even platforms evolve rapidly and change, we exist in a world of non-constants.  We are not a team of great designers or engineers we are a team of great people, amazing professionals each passionate about excellence in their space. It helps us stay disruptive and hungry. Follow us @pulpstrategy.

Social responsibility in social media

Honesty, acceptance and quick action towards transparent resolution. We do not infringe copyright, do not make light of our brands code of conduct and we are never dishonest to the consumer or our customers. In addition to this we have a code of conduct for our internal teams and we support social causes of our own HERE.

Need of the hour

  • The Measurement of engagement to adoption and the impact of specific communication pieces for individual consumer journeys online and offline.
  • Co created content and its evolution in the brand customer relationship.

We learned the hard way

The bad apple story is true: Never to let a distracted team member stay either distracted or a team member for any amount of time.

Morning is wiser than evening: Never schedule a midnight post if you can do the same thing with a fresh mind in the morning.

Respect your own work first its only then that it will find respect elsewhere.

Did we just share that?

We created campaign solely as series of animated GIF’s as content when a social media platform started supporting Gif’s. Our client asked us to send prints for approval: -p

They work with us

Pulp Strategy has lent its creative expertise to leading and globally reputed brands like Michelin, Google, Renault, Philips, Microsoft, Yahoo,, Dabur among others.

Industry as we foresee

Bigger, better, crazier and far more responsible. 

A day without Internet 

Will be spent in the field talking to consumers. We do this often and it works well for us too.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are hiring passionate social media strategists, developers and mobility experts.