Dabur Honey's #JealousHusbands Aims At Influencing Consumer Buying Decisions

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Dabur Honey's #JealousHusbands Aims At Influencing Consumer Buying Decisions

The trend of using hash-tags in TV ad commercials to extend conversations online is a trend catching up at a seemingly fast pace. Dabur Honey has come up with #JealousHusbands and launched 3 new TVCs. Each of these revolve around the concept of a husband feeling jealous of his wives, owing to her beautiful dressing sense or good looks. These looks are subtly connected to the fact that Dabur honey when mixed with water, have a positive effect on the skin if had early morning everyday.

The brand has connected the message very well and blended it with the possessive nature of Indian men. The message is consistent throughout the three adverts. The wives find it cute to see their husband's over protective or possessive nature, inturn influencing the consumer to be in the same situation by consuming the product.

#JealousHusbands is going to be extended to Facebook and Twitter via a social media campaign that is planned to launch very soon.

Take a quick sneak-peek into their latest TVCs.

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