Social Media Agency Feature: UCID

Who are we?

A bunch of happy hippies who love what they do & do what they love

Our happiness shows in the energy and passion we apply to every task.
Started off as a customized gifting specialist, moved onto advertising and now social media and Digital. We are expanding our portfolio by the year & taking every opportunity in our stride.

What’s in the name?

Unconventional Crafts Ideas & Digital

Normal is boring

We exist to create communication that appeals, is unique and quirky. So the name is a mix of our beliefs and captures what we do.

What we do?

U C I Do

Social Media Content Calendar 2019
Social Media, Digital, Mainline, BTL, Strategic planning, Branding & Customized gifting.

Why we do it?

We believe in ‘Celebrating Ideas’, the crazy, the uncanny, the never heard before. Everything we do is to celebrate this spirit of the idea.

Our craft is to do whatever it takes with whatever our clients have got to turn their challenges into opportunities.

How we evolve?

We evolve by striving to deliver what our client needs. We do not restrict our efforts to a mainline, digital or BTL, we have grown by delivering communication that work for our clients.

Did we just share that?

We once spent a lot of money (read dollars instead of rupees) to boost posts for a client. As it was the weekend they absolutely lost it when they were charged by Facebook. We still have kept the credit card bill framed.

They work with us

Kotak Mahindra, Taj Hotels, Edelweiss, One For Blue, Vibe – The Wellness Store, CREMA India Limited, Cambridge Weight Plan India among many more.

Industry as we foresee

It is reaching a plateau, some disruptions will come up and take us into the next era of technocom. We want to be geared to ride the next wave of technological innovation.

A day without Internet

Chaotic. Clients would melt down; work would grind to a halt. No Facebook updates would be equivalent to no air to breathe in.

Need of the hour 

For our industry – passion driven ad agencies and open minded clients who together are willing to walk the non tried and tested track.

Our agency –  needs some creative resource who will chart the next step of our growth story.

We learned the hard way 

Ideas are good when they get executed well, giving an idea is a wasted exercise, unless it is taken up by a team with the commitment needed.

Thats the reason why we have hand held our clients to go ahead and execute an idea we believed it and it pays off.

Lastly, are you hiring?



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