Twitter Tweaks Its “Compose Tweet” Into “What’s Happening”

You shouldn’t be surprised with the frenzy of new features being unveiled day after day on Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter being inspired by Facebook changed their background pictures to look exactly like your Facebook cover photo feature. Now, instead of the “Compose Tweet” bar on the left side of your Twitter has been tweaked to top-centre of your home timeline. Many users found it similar to the Facebook status update box. Although there is one minute difference. Twitter prompts you by asking “What’s Happening?” and Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?”


Twitter tweeted this change to let their users know about this change. 2014-11-06 11-16-07

Facebook has adopted certain elements from Twitter ie #hashtags and Twitter has taken cues from Facebook’s cover photo feature. Facebook has Instagram video and Twitter has Vines. Remains to be seen which platform gets more engagement.

What else can these two major social media platforms incorporate in their website? Let us know in the comments.