WhatsApp Let’s Users Disable Blue Ticks

The scary part began when Facebook started off with the “Seen” feature when someone read your messages, but Whatsapp took it a notch further apparently with the blue ticks because “Last Seen” didn’t cause enough damage.

So recently Whatsapp had added the “Read Receipts” feature which stirred up quite the panic among users. The updated version 2.11.44 (only available on WhatsApp’s site for now) has a new option under privacy settings. You have to go the Whatsapp site to download for now.


A checkmark for “Read Receipts”  will enable you the option to turn it on or off. So with this update, WhatsApp will no longer display blue ticks when you’ve read their messages, but on the flipside it will stop you from seeing the blue checkmarks too.  Fair enough right? Well for now, users can breathe a sigh of relief.


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