Women Solo Travelers: Another Boon of Social Media?

As lonely, as the term solo travelling sounds, it can be one of the most social things a person could dare to do. Women as a gender in India are growing at a fast pace. Today, we women are not ready to compromise on our freedom, choices, and lifestyle till we are given a valid reason to do so. Women, today have learned to live their lives the way they want and are growing beyond judgemental attitudes. Today, every woman is a story of achievement in her own manner, supported by closed circuit of loved ones.

The biggest show of independence that a woman has achieved is the choice to travel alone to any part of the country or globe and do anything she wants to do, talk to any stranger on earth and live up any dream. As like a dream as it sound, yes there are many women in India today who have taken up this path of traveling alone, be it on a bike, bus, train or a SUV.

Women being from venus and one of the species that is most sensitive to emotions are solo travelling with grace. Be it break up, change in a job, getting married, bored of daily house hold routines or tensions of professional world, all are handled with a change in environment, destination and discovering your new self. Yes, by going on a solo trip.

But the interesting part is yet to begin. The question is what has made a woman so independent, as she is today. What has given her power of pursuing her choices and in the end a spirit to travel solo and come back safe?

Stories that Inspire and Empower

Indeed, it is Social Media. Stories of many inspiring women living life of their choices;  being supported by various brands with their thoughtful campaigns; inspiring and getting inspired by the stories of their fellow species mate on social media, getting a voice and being heard. In the end, the joy of sharing and a sense of achievement. Yes Social Media has given all of this to the women of today and has motivated her enough in her path of travelling solo and respecting her individuality as well. Social Media is a way which has inspired and attracted many women to travel the never seen world before with confidence of knowledge, connections and the joy of sharing.

The biggest concern women face on a solo trip is of Safety. Here social media becomes very useful by keeping your closed circle aware of your whereabouts at one click. Women indeed feel safe. Social Media is one of the most convenient platforms, which leaves a thin layer between your social and real life. It has engorged the scope of various ways to live in an unearthed way. It is a platform which has shrunk the globe and had given ideas to explore fabulous locations on Earth.

Today women expect to be itinerates of their dreams and much talked about destinations on social media. The movie – “EAT, PRAY and LOVE” has propagated the idea of living indulged life through the source of travelling experiences.

Social groups

With the help of various travel rating sites, communities, experiences sharing portals and blogs; women get the boost to explore as much as they can. It provides them list of options and varsity of information than their personal real life groups.  Also the word of mouth factor further stimulates a go getter attitude in them. Confidence and aspiration to experience their power of independence; are the two psychological reasons which invokes them too. The secret source to all of these is social media which conveys a satisfaction that it’s not just unique to her mind but experienced by many.

Solo travelling with the help of social media platforms has undoubtedly become a vastly preferred phenomenon because it has given proclivity to the concept of travelling solo and yet, with all.