Agency Spotlight : Viral Curry – Content Marketing & Contests Increased’s Online Engagement by 400%

This is part of our Agency Spotlight where we bring forth agencies who are doing kick-ass work with their clients and helping them achieve their business goals. For this month, we’d like to showcase Viral Curry. 

Brand Name

Agency Name

Viral Curry has a huge presence on Facebook and Twitter but the engagement levels weren’t quite what were desired. Having more than 6 lakh likes on Facebook, the average comments on the posts were 9-10 while the organic reach was also low. What was needed was content that would connect with the young audience of automobile fanatics. On Twitter, a boost was needed which would increase’s visibility among the users who were already following their Twitter handle and bring in more people to follow and engage with their twitter handle.


To come up with content that will speak well with the Facebook page’s audience and thus drive engagement levels.

To run campaigns on Twitter with themes that will be well received by the Twitter audience.



In order to come up with content that will resonate with the audience, the target audience was identified and studied. The content should have been such that it was innovative enough to grab their attention. One such domain which they felt would be liked by this audience was Bollywood. Combination of both the themes: cars and bollywood, let to the creation of the ‘Gaadiwood’ series. Famous movie posters were taken and the theme ‘Gaadi’ was included in them.

Posts like these gave them the first push in the engagement levels. Ultimately, engagement levels on posts saw an increase of more than 600% while the organic reach of the posts increased by 400%.


The aim of the campaigns on’s twitter profile was to engage with the users on themes that will fit well with the brand image also resonate with the people.
Everyone has various kinds of emotions attached with their first cars and that is why wanted people to remember this time fondly. #MeriPehliGaadi campaign was a conversation with the users on Twitter and the campaign was a success. Within an hour, received more than a 1000 tweets and the hastag #MeriPehliGaadi trended on Twitter all over India.

To add to the overall feel of the campaign, some of the witty responses were put into attractive posters and shared on all of’s social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter

People like to click the pictures of cars. The #GaadiShutterbug campaign was based on this fact that. The campaign let people share these pictures on’s social platforms: facebook page, twitter profile and Instagram profile. Within a week of the launch of the campaign, they received more than 70 entries, some of which have been featured on their platforms as well.

By the end of the campaign, more than 230 entries were received in a matter of 30 days.


  • The engagement levels on Facebook have gone up by 600%
  • The organic reach of the posts have increased by more than 400%
  • On Twitter, where the reach had been negligible, there has been a combined reach of more than 8.5 lakhs and more than 1 crore 34 lakh impressions because of the campaigns.