Foresight Into Digital & Social Media Trends In 2015

With a constant endeavour to adapt to the latest innovations & trends on the online space, industries have a tough time reaching out to their target audiences on the right platforms. Mr.Sanjay Mehta – Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Jt CEO, Social Wavelength (a WPP Group co) shares his thoughts on how Digital & Social Media Trends will evolve in 2015.
Here’s a quick 6-min article you should read before stepping into the next year!
1 – We are already seeing the share of digital in overall marketing budgets growing rapidly. 2015 will see a further zooming growth of the share of digital in overall media spends.
2 – Service oriented companies have long adopted 24×7 call centres for CRM. As it becomes increasingly clear that Social CRM is about as critical as email or telephonic support, more and more companies will invest into supporting Social CRM efforts on a round-the-clock basis. They will be left with no choice but to adopt these advanced practices.
3 – It is a fact that a good 3 out of 4 network messages by an individual, happens on private networks like WhatsApp and others. These are currently not accessible to brands, nor is there any understanding of the footprint of users across these platforms. There will be some breakthrough in terms of brand’s usage of this territory or at least an understanding of users’ conversations on these spaces.
4 – Sad as this may be for consumers, Privacy will be antiquated concept. Media and brands will have increasing (almost unnerving levels) knowledge of the digital footprint of consumers. And which will be used to direct extremely targeted, and perhaps most relevant messages to the consumer.
5 – Digital and social media strategy, especially for leading edge companies, will increasingly be a part of a larger business strategy, and not just a marketing campaign (or in fact, an afterthought in a marketing campaign!!). Strategy hence, will be integral to business goals and measurable with real business objectives achieved.
6 – There will be increased usage of Social Media Listening, not just for ORM or CRM, but also for gathering market and business intelligence, for market research, and other similar objectives.