Snapdeal Urges Followers To Do A #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal To End Year On A Good Note

Snapdeal, an online market place that features a wide range of products across categories like Home Décor, Apparels, Electronics etc announced its noble initiative #GoodDeedwithSnapdeal campaign across  social media accounts, in order to start a movement where people are encouraged to do a good deed, with the belief that one good deed makes all the difference. This is Snapdeal’s version of the ‘Pay It Forward’ or ‘Your Turn Now’ which has been quite popular on social media. Social networking sites these days have begun leveraging social media to bring about a change, to influence people to work towards a better tomorrow, rather than just connecting with fans & friends. By lending support to an array of social initiatives, Snapdeal has managed to position itself as a brand that is not just concerned with business, but also is concerned with boosting & applauding audiences to do good in general. Not very often do we come across brands who involve in selfless acts of goodness. Have a look at how Snapdeal has gone about the entire campaign –



Objectives –


  • To encourage people to do a #GoodDeedwithSnapdeal, along with extending their support to various social initiatives.
  • To increase audience engagement across social media platforms, there by positioning the brand in a good light during the festive season.


Execution –

The execution was quite simple. A video was created to popularize the idea that Gandhiji propounded – “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Also a microsite is decidated for the same.

Followers are urged to post a picture or video of them doing any good deed, and post it on their social media profiles along with the hashtag #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal.

Moreover, they can then nominate two other friends to join the good dead chain. Kind of works like a #PayItForward that became quite popular post the #IceBucketChallenge activity.



Here’s the sample video that demonstrated what’s expected from participants –



What’s More? Snapdeal actively lend support to spread some more ‘goodness’!


1. World AIDS day – Selling Condoms for Re 1


2. Disability store – Launched by Dr. Shashi Tharoor



3. Integrating with Sampark Bal Gram orphanage – Integrating through Bigg Boss




4The movement has raised awareness for issues such as Autism



5. Promoting causes for which other social welfare organizations are working



Positives –

  • It is a great idea to do this at the end of the year, especially during the festive season when people are already in the mood of doing a good deed! Asking fans to share the good that they do on social media profiles, gives them all the more incentive to do the good deed. This gives Snapdeal a great deal of visibility online, as the hashtag has already become quite popular with the likes of Shashi Tharoor tweeting about their good deed.
  • Also nominating two other friends, ensures that the chain of good deed continues. A very noble thought to make people do good deeds when the timelines on Twitter and Facebook are full of news massacres and killings. It kind of brings back the cheer that comes with the season.
  • This is a great social experiment to do because, people like doing good deeds especially when they get an opportunity to display it. Riding on the wave of good deeds actually will lend a good name to Snapdeal as well in the long run.
  • By not associating the campaign with any kind of gratification, makes the campaign even more genuine as a social initiative.


Closing Thoughts –

A good start from Snapdeal towards the end of the year seems to be interesting. It gives an insight into how we humans behave on social media. What really motivates us to act in the way we do. Looking forward to many more such social experiments from Snapdeal. Let’s find out in the days to come, whether or not the campaign will be a viral hit!