Honda Launches CB Unicorn 160 with #LooksGoodIsGood campaign

Honda as a brand has always been peoples favorite, due to its reliability, design & refinement. ‘Honda Unicorn’ is no different! Launched in 2005, the Unicorn had managed to fetch amazing sales with a waiting period for their bike which could go up to a staggering six months. Well, this time the company has gone a step ahead. By recently revamping their most selling range of bikes, Honda introduced the New CB Unicorn 160 which is packed with exciting new features like aerodynamic front cowl with 3D emblem, LED tail lights, new mid-sized advanced engine, combined braking systems and mono shock suspension. Even the power has been bumped up to a whopping 14.5bhp.


  • To build hype & excitement for the launch of the new Honda CB Unicorn 160
  • To showcase the new features of Honda CB Unicorn & tell the nation that it not only looks good, but is good!


  • Teasers: Posts creating a buzz on their new range of bikes clubbed both with power and good looks were put out to keep the audiences anticipating for more.


By involving their fans and automobile enthusiasts in a conversation, Honda managed to increase engagement before the launch of Honda CB Unicorn 160.

When you ask a community of bike lovers to pick between looks or performance, there’s no turning back, but to have them both of course!

And fans responded positively –

image002 image003

  • Countdown timer for the Webcast – Honda puts forward an opportunity to all its fans to catch the live action of the launch. Now which fan would want to miss all the excitement and live action, all in the comfort of one’s home.

image004 image005

  • Launch – Finally, Honda unveals the new CB Unicorn 160, that holds true to both its good looks & its power-packed performance, keeping heart beats racing!


Tweeple shared their admiration –


Positives –

Honda created enough buzz across Facebook & Twitter to tell its community about the thunderous new arrival of one of its best selling vehicles.

Using the hash tag #LooksGoodIsGood, the brand clearly puts across the message that their newly introduced unicorn qualifies on the grounds of both looks and performance. Something that every passionate biker looks forward to, while purchasing his dream bike.

By showcasing a live webcast of the launch of their new bike, fans who could not be physically present at the event were able to catch all the live happenings of the launch, there by making optimum use of the digital platform to bridge the gap.

Closing Thoughts –

With the launch of Honda CB Unicorn 160, it will be intriguing to watch the roads running with this heart thumping machine that’s fueled with power, passion & dreams to conquer!