Social Media Agency Feature: Eidolon Design Studio

Who are we?

Eidolon Design Studio, Founded in 2012, by Sagar Gajjar and Vishakha Rajput, we started with only one thing in mind to break the age old traditional that are often related to an full service creative  branding agency and we live up to our tag that is Live mad and Live crazy. To put it in one line we create your company into a cult brand and the way you want to represent it to your audience.

What’s in the name?

The name “Eidolon” is a brainchild of our co-founder Vishakha and it means “Ideal” in traditional Greek. So the name says “how it should be” and we help our clients make it that way.

What we do?

Being a full service agency we work on numerous domains with Creative branding  and social media marketing being our major client requirements.

Creative Branding

  • Creative Concept & Design
  • Branding + Visual language
  • Identity + Collateral Designs
  • Advertising + Print Designs
  • Packaging + Product Branding

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Page Management + Ads Creation
  • Twitter Account Management
  • You Tube channel creation + management
  • Community Participation + Virtual marketing
  • Social media audit


  • Websites + Content Creation
  • After effects + Motion Designs
  • Application development + Publishing
  • Displays + Retail

Leadership + Vision

  • Creative Direction
  • Concept Development
  • Innovation + Visioning
  • Methods + Strategy


  • Conceptual + Theme based
  • Product Photography
  • Wedding Candid + Short film
  • Fashion + Branding Photo shoots
  • Image Editing + Manipulation


  • Branded Interior Space Design
  • Exhibition + Trade Space Design
  • Retail + POS
  • Events + Activation
  • Event Visuals

Why we do it?

We believe every institution/organization needs a good creative branding strategy and here’s why:
Brands and brand leadership benefit from external, objective ideas and execution.
Fresh perspective drives inspiration—for internal teams, partners, ambassadors and customers alike.
Today is business as unusual. The traditional angles need to be bent, cut and re-formed to be effective.
Creativity, design and strategy drive brand equity—differentiation, relevance, and recognition are our metrics.

How we evolve?

We always believe that we are craftsmen and same principles as a sportsperson is applied here too. We believe we need to constantly hone our skills and practice our art. That is why we are constantly into rigorous reading of design blogs and portfolios of awesome designers for inspiration and development. We do everything from designing minimal movie posters and sometimes coming up with some absolutely outrageous ideas for our clients and believe us sometimes it does pay off but most importantly it helps us keeping up with the industry and not only keeping up but actually keeping ahead too. Moreover our playful and fun working atmosphere aids in it.

Social responsibility in social media

Its all about giving it back when it comes to the industry. We have and do currently work for some NGO’s and we do not charge from them. We strongly believe that agencies should step up and at least invest some time in their local organizations.

Need of the hour

Need of the hour is that brands realize that the social media is here to stay and accept it as an equivalent channel to traditional marketing. Its high time they understand that making / managing their business pages on few social networks is not social media marketing. There is much more potential in this field especially in a country like India where more and more people are getting online day by day.

We learned the hard way

Its simple there is no shortcut, you need to climb the ladder starting from the bottom you need to deal with clients that are not what you wanted. Eventually its about building a great portfolio and building a brand that stands out from the rest. Lastly people should know what your company is doing , you can shout it out from your terrace if you want but trust us there is no better way than social media for it. Go for a few brand advocates rather a lot of fans, step out of the likes race.

Did we just share that?

Once while closing a deal for SMM for a Young motivational speaker our manager asked him his expectation of quote and it was a pretty embarrassing 3 figure mark monthly. We were like where are you from? Stone age?

They work with us

We have worked with wide array of clients from various domains and we are proud of each and every client we work with, some of them are:

DC Design, Amul, 40st, Juice Lounge & Rollacoasta, Rohs Renewable, Gujarat Technological University, Electrovent Events, Aeon Salons and Academy, Falafal, The Event Artist, La zesty foods pvt ltd. , Insignia Technolabs, Venus jewels, Pruthvi Diamonds, Nini’s Kitchen, The minter project, Gujarat Innovation Council, Sadasewa, Raha International, Treasure pink and many more.

Industry as we foresee

Industry is at a point where its going to expand beyond imagination with people like elders of family too getting online and connecting with each other is a sign that clients can not only reach their desired audience but heavily build their brand image though this wave of social media which we do not see getting down any soon.

A day without Internet

Argghh, firstly we do not want it to be one where we have a hell lot of work in pipeline but if it is there you would see our shutterbugs from the photography department turning out office into a photo booth and few our designers discussing new concepts over a sheesha or something.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Why not, we are planning to grow by more than 20% each month throughout 2015 and the team is almost doubling up in numbers as planned. Get your resumes ready !!