Social Media Agency Feature: Ittisa

Who are we?

Ittisa– Founded in June of 2014, we are the first ever only girls digital media agency. Ittisa provides a platform for women to pursue their ambitions while getting an equal opportunity in workspace. At Ittisa, we are a unique captivating mix of innovative ideas, diligence and the right sprinkle of creativity!

We are super glad to announce that we have recently partnered with LeanIn.Org and look forward to changing the trajectory of women workers and create a better world for everyone.

pic - Ittisa

What’s in the name?

The name Ittisa in Sanskrit means ‘The Ruler’ and we aim to rule the creative world with our highly creative and passionate team.

What we do?

We help our clients create a mark in the Digital space with crisp strategy, excellent designs & great content. Our range of services include

  1. Brand Strategy & Communication
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Website/ Microsite Designing & Development
  6. App Designing & Development
  7. Campaign Ideation and Execution
  8. Offline collateral designs

Why we do it?

We do it because one – we love the Digital world and two – we know that our ideas & strategy make a difference. We help a client reach their marketing goals while helping them create a long lasting strategy for the brand. We are extremely proud of the way we work with our ‘Designs’ because if not for good designs, what else would you appreciate in Digital?

How we evolve?

We evolve because each of us come into the agency with a new set of ideas, strategy, vision & when we merge together those, we come up with brilliant innovation. We are constantly learning, growing & experimenting with our ideas & executing them to achieve the best for our clients. We don’t believe in an old salad recipe with a new dressing, we believe in creating a finger-licking recipe from scratch.

Social responsibility in social media

We believe that our major Social responsibility is making the client aware that just putting a few posts is not Social Media Marketing. It is an integral part of a brand’s Digital presence – one that can make or mar the brand image. We don’t believe in quick ROI or doing just what’s asked of us, we delve deeper to find what will work for your brand & then go ahead to create a strategy for a defined online presence.

Need of the hour

Definitely a good strategy & excellent designs! Too many brands are on Social Media without a pre defined strategy as to what is it that they want their audience to gain from their channel – just self promotion is not going to help anyone.

Democracy in Designs is a big No No! As a creative agency, we understand how designs work and as a brand, you just have a window of 3-4 secs before your fans scroll down and if the design cant capture their attention, its no good. Make sure to have killer content with an even more killer design and your strategy will work.

We learned the hard way

Saying ‘No’ pays off. We have come to realize that as a Social Media Agency working with the brand, we are the best authority on the brand’s digital presence and not the Brand Manager we deal with.  There is no point agreeing to a single person’s point of view, if its not helping the brand, we would rather say ‘No’ than agree to it.

Also, always check with the printer before designing any offline collateral. They will always ask for a Photoshop file when you design in Illustrator & vice versa.

Did we just share that?

A client once asked us to track Facebook & Twitter through Google Analytics. We politely declined. :P

They work with us

A lot of our clients are mobile apps who are looking at marketing themselves in the Digital space and we are proud to say that this definitely is one of our forte now. Our clients include

  1. Mara Mentor
  2. AC&H
  3. Hotelogix
  4. Tweet2Health
  5. Hungry Bells
  6. Simplify 360
  7. Mara Messenger
  8. Ridgehead Software

Industry as we foresee

The industry is set to grow by leaps & bounds in the coming years & we are hoping for it to be a lot more organized while keeping the crazy on. Definitely more of Mobile & Social integration.

Also a lot more dejected brand managers trying to do Social Media by themselves before finally reaching out to agencies.

A day without Internet

A day without Internet would involve a lot of brain-storming & may be some wall painting & murals. We did paint one of our walls in the office ourselves.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are always on the lookout for creative passionate Social Media strategists, developers & designer girls.