The Rise of Social Media Analyst in Digital Agencies

Vedant Borkar
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The Rise of Social Media Analyst in Digital Agencies

With ever changing characteristics of social media marketing world, digital agencies too around the spectrum are going through transformation, what started as a mere department in traditional agencies,  social media has evolved so much  that specialized digital agencies are a common sight in the world of advertising.

With the complex and unpredictable setting of social media world, agencies too are leaving no stones unturned to equip themselves with the best talent and resources.

To stay ahead of the game today, digital agencies apart from handling creative execution and brand planning are giving equal attention to social media analytics; monitoring has become an equally important task in campaign planning.

Over the past few years, the role of social media analyst has gained a foothold in digital agencies & brands who want to be proactive and not reactive on social media. An analyst comes handy in such scenarios to keep brand in sync with the latest trend as he keeps a tab on all the latest happenings within the community and the industry as a whole.

Social media analyst in digital agencies, with their strong analytical and marketing skills, help brands stay relevant on social media space. Today social media campaigns have evolved beyond getting mere followers or likes; to drive engagement and ROI, a good social media analyst can be a big boost.

Beside just monitoring a brand’s social media profile, analysts helps in strategizing over brands campaign, brainstorming over content and staying in touch with other department of the agencies to brief them about campaign performance.

Social media analysts today have become an inseparable part of any digital agency. They use their deep understanding of various social media tools to dig insights from the numbers that social media campaign generates, they keep track of stats such as engagement, click throughs, comments, sentiments, share of voice and traffic etc.

Analytics skills can only be learned by acquiring knowledge through real time experience. A good social media analyst is well versed with understanding nuances of marketing principles and is comfortable facing huge stacks of numbers.

The ever changing social media industry is bound to evolve further as new technologies and platforms will emerge, in such scenario the role of analyst will only gain more importance. Applicants with strong analytical ability will surely enjoy an edge in digital agencies.

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