Social Media Agency Feature: YNG Media

Who are we?

sudhir vashist, CEO
sudhir vashist, CEO

At YNG MEDIA, we provide effective digital marketing services by implementing the best of technology, creativity and analytical expertise. After serving over 400 clients to their satisfaction & being in the market for years, we have equipped ourselves to provide you with the best results for all your marketing campaigns.

Ashish - COO
Ashish – COO

Based in Delhi, we are a team of over 100 young and energetic digital marketing professionals.Taking a cue from close to 2000 successful projects and campaigns, we do not believe in run of the mill products and services. Unlike other Delhi advertising agencies, we at YNG MEDIA look at digital media marketing as a mix of art and science with tailored & customized solutions based on your end objectives & requirements. Another big differentiator is that we have a self motivated team which just requires a challenge & some obscene amount of coffee to make your campaign a success.


Amit - Designer
Amit – Designer

Though we do not like blowing our own trumpet and let results speak for themselves, it is indeed a feeling of pride for us to have received countless appreciations and testimonials from our large clientele. Some of our clients have gone on to certify us, unofficially, as the best digital marketing firm and we don’t really see a point in contesting their views.




What’s in the name?

When we started out, the most difficult question we faced was to choose a name for the company. After multiple rounds of deliberations, the theme of the name narrowed down to two options – First option was that it should be something related to the “Yellow & Green” of Google; which we thought was a sum total of all Digital Marketing efforts and the second was to make the company sound “Young”; which it was. To assimilate the two, we opted for “YNG Media” which had the letters “Y & G” of Google’s colors and also stands as an abbreviation for “Young”. That’s the story behind the name of the company.

BD Team1

What we do?

We are a complete Digital Marketing services provider and our list of services include-

  • Website Designing
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Mobile marketing
  • E-commerce set up & marketing
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Branding (in Digital Domain)
  • Digital PR
  • E-mail Marketing

Why we do it?

Founded by Sudhir Vashist & Ashish Bajaj, YNG Media is a product of two vastly experienced Digital Marketers. After understanding the industry dynamics and seeing the growth possibilities, the co-founders decided that Digital Marketing was their forte. However, working for another agency was not something that would give their hopes wings and hence they decided to set up an agency of their own. As both co-founders believe that “Digital” is the way forward, they continue to focus on this field.

How we evolve?

We believe that staying constant actually means going backwards. We need to keep moving forward as the world of Digital Marketing is ever evolving. From regularly attending seminars & symposiums to subscribing to the widely read Digital Marketing magazines & newsletters, we stay updated with the evolving world of Digital Marketing. For the team, we regularly conduct training sessions along with “knowledge sharing” sessions to ensure it is not just the management but the entire team which is continuously enhancing its skill. Innovation, we believe, drives our industry. So, we constantly innovate as well to define & redefine the best practices of Digital Marketing.

Social responsibility in social media

As a social media marketer, we understand the power of “social”. And we put it to good use. From assisting our clients in spreading the word about their CSR activities to actively promoting our own CSR initiatives, we make use of social mediums to take the “social responsibility” to the masses. A recent initiative of YNG Media was to promote “Green Diwali” wherein we distributed hundreds of “Tulsi Plant” seeds as “Diwali Gifts” with complete bio-degradable packing and converted it into a social contest wherein users were to upload images of the plants they were growing at their home / office.

Need of the hour

We believe rules are necessary but not at the expense of killing innovation & freedom. As digital world is a reflection of freedom, we think social media rules should be flexible. It is the context of the actions rather than the actions themselves which should be judged.

We learned the hard way

A Digital Personality is easier to make and much, much harder to change. So if you don’t get it “First Time Right”, you can be in deep trouble.

Did we just share that?

From Facebook post schedules which went haywire due to “time zone” selection to swapping of posts of one client’s on another’s, we have seen just about everything that can possibly go wrong. The biggest goof up we can remember is when we wished all the fans of a Facebook page a “Happy Independence Day” on 15th August without realizing the client was based off-shore and had no following in India.

They work with us

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Bata… and many more

Industry as we foresee

With Internet penetration still in its nascent stage in India, we already see how big a market India has become for social networks. Just imagine what will happen when the entire country is connected! We are very bullish on the growth of Social Media not just as a tool to connect or voice opinion but also as the driver of economy & businesses. Social Media can make or break a brand, and with time, it is expected to become only stronger.

A day without Internet

A vacation – If you planned it.

Death – If it happens on its own

Lastly, are you hiring?