Strepsils Extends #AbMontuBolega Campaign By Urging Citizens To Voice Opinions For Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

After the successful launch of Strepsil’s first ever digital campaign called #AbMontuBolega, the social media campaign further extends by urging people to stand up & raise their voices against the prevalent menaces of the society. And this time Strepsils asked people to speak up for a cleaner India. How? Not by being silent spectators when someone litters the place, but by asking fans to gather courage & speak up instead of taking a back seat. With its major focus being – speaking up for what is right, Strepsils has tactfully roped in opinions from bloggers & its fans on Facebook & Twitter. With social media being one of the best platforms to connect with its audience, the brand has encouraged its fans to be expressive about the things that matter.

Have a look at what Strepsils executed in order to ‘Increase Engagement’ & to build a ‘Strong Brand Connect’ with its extended version of the #AbMontuBolega campaign.


Execution of the Campaign –

  • By building a relatable character around the #AbMontuBolega campaign, Strepsils has given its audience someone that they can look up to. The character being Montu, who is young, wise & unrestricted is mum at times about the things that bother him, due to peer pressure. But it’s time Montu speaks up & hence by relating to him the audience too is urged to raise their voice against what’s wrong. DigitasLBI has carefully positioned Strepsils into the picture, with the help of the tagline – Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega, Strepsils Ke Saath #AbMontuBolega!
  • By asking fans to share their thoughts via comments & images of the unwanted current scenario, Strepsils is wisely connecting with its audience on social media platforms.
  • Winners were gratified with gift vouchers worth Rs.2000 each week, which kept the audience glued for more.
  • Strepsils also partnered with & received 150 blog entries voicing their opinion in support of Swachh Bharat.

Their Facebook & Twitter accounts communicated their core campaign message –

Montu - FB bg


Strepsils urged fans to raise their voice to support “Swacch Bharat” –



Montu Tweet 1


Montu Tweet2


And fans responded via Blogs & Videos –


Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 3

Blog 4


Some good logs were retweeted by Strepsils, to show fans that they are listening to voices being raised.

Montu Fan Tweet1

Montu Fan Tweet2


Also a fan was gratified for his efforts –

FB Winner


Positives of the Campaign –

  • Tapping into an on-going Social Cause – Strepsils has marked its digital presence with the launch of #AbMontuBolega. By further extending the campaign, the brand has stepped in to make a difference, by encouraging people to be expressive instead of being repressive about prevalent problems of society. Before prime minister Modi could bring it to our notice, it’s not that Indians were ignorant or unaware of the problems of the country. It’s only after he brought it to our notice, did we want to step ahead & take charge of the situation. The agency has been smart enough to rope in, its core brand message with an already accepted social initiative popularized by Modi. With an on-going hot topic that people are voicing their opinions over, Strepsils has wisely placed its message – “Khol KeBol” where it urges Indians to stand up with courage & speak up for what is right & what’s not! The character Montu plays the role of a facilitator by providing subjects that the target audience would want to raise their voice against.
  • User-Generated Content: There seems to be a stronger connect between the brand & fans when the brand encourages fans to contribute with their thoughts & stories. With loads of unique content flooding from fans across social media platforms. By getting in touch with bloggers, Strepsils has managed to reach out to a wider set of audience. Also the impact is doubled, when a trusted blogger writes about your brand. Bloggers even with smaller communities following them, are influential since their reviews over time are trusted.

Closing Thoughts –

It will be rather intriguing to see what follows in the weeks to come, as Strepsils has already managed to start conversations with its audience on social media. Throughout the campaign, it has aimed at conveying the message of openly voicing opinions on the things that matter instead of being silent watchers of societal problems. Strepsils can extend this campaign month on month, by banking on trending social initiatives to increase engagement. Kudos to the team for stepping into the digital space!