Tata Motors Launches The New ‘BOLT’ With An Online-Offline Integrated Blogging Campaign

Aditya Bhatkal
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Tata Motors Launches The New ‘BOLT’ With An Online-Offline Integrated Blogging Campaign

After all the talks around Facebook’s algorithm change with reduction in visibility of promotional posts, brands have started looking beyond the world of Facebook! Tata Motors being one such prominent brand in the bandwagon, in order to launch its new hatchback ‘BOLT’, went beyond the scope of the usual online marketing biggie Facebook, to a little more humble yet powerful platform - BlogAdda.





Objective - 

  • The motive behind the campaign is to generate large-scale brand awareness for the new BOLT. And when mentioned large scale, it means really large.
  • Moreover it has included an online and offline edge, so as to pull in people at multiple levels (online and offline), thereby aiming at the objective of an all–pervasive cross promotion approach.


Execution -

The campaign was named by the Tata Motors as Get. Set. Bolt!

Now, BlogAdda is one of the largest blogging platforms in the country today and 10/10 to Tata Motors for identifying and connecting with this platform. Tata Motors in the event of the launch of the new BOLT spearheaded a blogging bonanza with quite a few variations.

Being a part of the Blog Adda Brand Wagon (a place where brands can engage with Bloggers from different spheres to generate compelling content and fuel conversations online) Tata Motors had access to front page coverage which was presented in an ad format that would lead the users to the blogging competition instructions and the campaign on the whole.


CTA (Call to Action) was placed on the home page of BlogAdda.

Note: This was done without any precise targeting, a phenomenon otherwise very common to Facebook/YouTube.

And thus the idea of the campaign is partially based on the fact that bloggers love to reach out of their comfort zone & area of expertise and blog about alternative topics. On noticing the BOLT blogging contest it may catch their attention on the spot and there begins the spate of automobile blogging.

On the execution front the contest pulled in bloggers on BlogAdda and once they clicked on the ”Participate Now” button, here’s what followed.



A chance to be one of the lucky winners who will win the all new BOLT by simply following the below rules:

  1. Visit the Mall from the list below by registering yourself on a day in a given city.
  2. Visit the BOLT site and view elements of the car.
  3. Click a picture with the car
  4. Come back, Log in to your BlogAdda profile (Create one if you don’t have one)
  5. Elaborate 5 aspects of the BOLT that caught your eye.

The gratifications of the campaign showcases how Tata Motors is going all out to trigger GET SET BOLT.

Every blogger will get a cash/gift voucher of Rs. 1000. And a lucky winner will win the BOLT. 20 of the best bloggers will get a chance to participate in an exclusive BOLT drive in 3 different cities. The activity is happening across 30 cities in more than 100 locations.

Point to be noted: This campaign bought people online to the offline space and then back re-directed online completing a circle.

Additionally even the people at the mall will see this and blog about it thereby increasing the subscriber base of BlogAdda on the whole, and generating offline sourced participants as well.


Positives - 

Tata Motors identified an appropriate medium to reach out, other than the conventional social media platforms which is evident at the first go.

It also threw in heavy gratifications which works as an instant crowd puller. The grand giveaway of a BOLT is the first in the history blogging!

Further a blogging campaign that has an offline and an online connect is one of its kinds and is played up well.

The online offline connect is very common to Social Media and platforms like Twitter and Facebook with campaigns like Live Tweeting, Tweet screens and Facebook apps that require Offline redemption. This was rare and one of its kind.


 Closing Thoughts - 

To the Social Media fraternity, though this seems as novel and has had a good start to it, using platforms outside the conventional gamut of Social Media is soon going to become very common. Websites, Blogs and Media ad spaces will hog the limelight and Tata Motors being one of the first brands to get there will definitely be seen in the positive light and reap the benefits of an early season of new age digital media.  What are your thoughts?

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