Allen Solly Being Topical

Allen Solly used foresight and creativity, while retaining their core theme of vibrance, to talk to their audience in a language that is not shy of taking stands. It has gone bold and unlike those who fear social media, Allen Solly enjoys the levy of being cheeky at times.

Topical posts have always won the heart of the community. Such posts make Allen Solly one of the most active brands in their category, leveraging topicality, while retaining a strong brand identity.

  • Taking a stand

Allen Solly was one of the first brands in India to voice its stance on the gay rights issue on social media. “We believe all colours were created equal”- A simple message that received great engagement from the community.



  • Using the Stag logo

Allen Solly used this day to perfectly integrate its stag logo into the Indian mythology inspired driven message of “Good over Evil”.


  • A social message

Usually a picture of all things gray and gloomy, smoking received its typical Allen Solly colourful spin on this day.




  • Promoting a cause

Allen Solly wanted to capture the emotions of the election mood, while promoting the good cause of voting. Colours came alive yet again for this post. The post was shared every day, geotargeted to the state that was slated for the polls.



  • Capturing the FIFA madness

Allen Solly’s challenge was to associate with FIFA without using its logo or naming teams. Football and associated jerseys are huge touch points into community engagement during the Football world cup. The brand played with colours.


  • Being Product oriented, the right way

Never miss an opportunity to promote a product at the right time. Allen Solly used this opportunity to introduce, “AIR”, positioned as the lightest shirt in the market.