Arresting for offensive social media content - NO MORE!

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Arresting for offensive social media content - NO MORE!
Supreme court has crossed off section 66A, which allows arresting individuals for posting offensive content on social media. This might be the biggest relief to a social media user who was put under constant scanner to suppress views on certain matters.

Following instances of arrest at several virtual occasions, a debate sparked off, outlining fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression.

Some of the instances of arrests in the recent past have been linked to politicians, looked upon as strong dictatorial attitude. For instance, UP leader Azam Khan spoke about a student, "A class XII student has made objectionable comments against me on FB. Law is enforced with strictness and he has been arrested within 24 hours. Comments were made against me earlier also on FB. The boy was later released on bail.

Another roaring incident came to light when cartoonist Aseem Trivedi was arrested for cartoons on his website and Facebook page that mocked parliament and corruption in high places.



Citizens are rejoicing on Twitter.

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