I am with Deepika Padukone – #MyChoice

Congratulations Deepika! You have made a choice in “My Choice“, by acting in the short film (for a fee of course), and your choice of having this video out just before your film ‘Piku’ releases – “Your Choice”. Wonderful.

The 3 big subjects of virality, which I believe are –

1. Feminism and male bashing – viral, advocate for more sex – more viral, show a gorgeous girl releasing the bra strap – most viral.

2. Modi bashing – viral, Indian government bashing – more viral, India bashing – most viral.

3. Fighting the censor board – viral, fighting the government ban – more viral, fighting the Indian culture – most viral.

And, here is my choice of pulling some statistics on the video on how people reacted on social media using our social media monitoring platform –Simplify360.

Some statistics (at the time I wrote this article) –

  • Total Social Media mentions : 63k (35% – negative opinion, 23% – Positive, 42% Neutral)
  • Sources : 77% Twitter, 9% Facebook, 5% Tumblr, 4% Youtube and Google Plus, 5% Others (News, Blogs, Forums etc)
  • Gender of authors : 78% Male, 22% Female
  • Geo of authors : 62% India, 13% US, 9% Canada, 3.5% UK and Mexico each, 9% Others

Also, here are some facts of my choices.

  • I didn’t tamper my data – My Choice.
  • I call myself an analyst first and businessman second – My Choice.
  • I woke up early morning to write this article so that people can read as soon as they reach office – My Choice.

Deepika, you made your choice for ‘Piku’, I am making for ‘Simplify360’. You are successful if more people hit the theatres. I will be successful if I get 10 leads for Simplify360.

You are an empowered woman – Your Choice. You fought every battle in your life to become one of the top actors in Bollywood – Your Choice. You are an amazing person who followed her heart to become an actress even though you were good at sports (badminton) – Your Choice.

I am a husband of an empowered woman – My Choice (ask my wife). Even though I had an easy entry to US, I chose to stay in India – My Choice. After Engineering, I chose to become an analyst – My Choice. Left my job and chose to become an entrepreneur – My Choice. I chose to stay committed to a girl for 4 years before getting married – My Choice. I choose not to have kids early – My Choice.

My wife Sneh Sharma and my parents (Lok Nath Khanal and Tara Khanal ) supported my journey – Their Choice.

I choose not to have sex outside marriage – My Choice. I choose to advocate equal share of household work between husband and wife – My Choice. I choose to advocate grocery shopping by both genders – My Choice. I choose to go against software and movies/music piracy – My Choice.

And you choose to advocate lack of judgement among women of what they wear – Your Choice. You choose to advocate more sex or no sex – before, within or outside marriage – Your Choice.

Congratulations – You have successfully marketed ‘Piku’. I am watching it – My Choice.