#CrashThePepsiIPL with your ad – Live your dream abhi!


It’s safe to say that one gets very few chances to claim to fame. So, when Pepsi gives you an opportunity to shoot an ad, you do it right! Pepsi’s #CrashtheIPL invites users to submit videos on their microsite; the best one gets a chance to be aired on television.

The initiative calls out to budding creatives to shoot a 30 second ad film expressing their love for Pepsi. The winning ad replaces Pepsi’s official advertisement during Pepsi IPL8. Not to mention the Rs. 1 lakh award and VIP access to the matches, all finalists will be rewarded with.

Your creativity will ensure these prizes, while we enlighten you on ways – to keep it fun, keep it social.

Grab a Pepsi

Fortunately you don’t have to trudge snowy mountains or jump off roofs to get your hands on a Pepsi. But if you still wish to do it for the dramatic effect, we won’t stop you.

Shout out to your friends

You might not like them, you might also judge them – but it’s time to get in touch with them. Get active on Facebook and call out to all your friends to crash the IPL, with you. Afterall, showering your love on Pepsi alone – not so ideal!

Pick a Location…

…and it cannot be the terrace of your building.

Put on your thinking cap (read – Rajnikant cap) and visualise shooting of the ad. It’s your first date with Pepsi, the location better be good.

Script it Out

Not all writers grow a beard and immediately take to a pen and paper. Start with spending time with your friends, get chatty and let them inspire you to build a genuine script.

Go ahead, shoot the ad

Cricket was probably the first sport that you learned as a child and Pepsi, the first cold drink that you ever sipped. Do you seriously need to think more about this? Just pick up your camera, shout out to your friends and #CrashthePepsiIPL. It’s time to live your dream abhi!

Visit #CrashThePepsiIPL at www.crashthepepsiipl.com. If you’re not ready with your ad by April 03, don’t panic – there is always some more. The next deadline to #CrashThePepsiIPL is April 08 and the final call for entries closes on May 1st 2015.