[Report] 12 stunning social media insights on IPL 2015

Did you know that the IPL is the most-watched Twenty20 league in the world? This report by simplify360 gathers insights on IPL, the first sporting event to be broadcast live on YouTube.

The brand value of the 2014 Indian Premier League was estimated to be around US $7.2 billion. The current 2015 Pepsi IPL is the 8th season and the champions of IPL8 (2015) bag 15 crores. Take a look at what social media has to say –

1. Total mentions of IPL 8 season on social media till date is 1,86,569. 88.55% on Twitter.
2. Gender distribution – 85% Male & 15% Female
3. Sentiment: Neutral – 89.35%, Positive – 9.85%, Negative – 0.80%
4. Buzz of #IPL8 in last 9 Days on Twitter – 69K
5. Buzz of #PEPSIIPL in last 30 Days on Twitter – 109K
6. The official page of IPL on Facebook has increased its fan base by 400K this season
7. KKR is the favorite team on Facebook with 11 Million Fans
8. IPL official profile has 2.5 million followers on Twitter!
9. CSK is the favourite team with 1.4 million followers on Twitter
10. 1 Lakh views of IPL 8 opening ceremony promotion video on YouTube!
11. 52,778 followers on Instagram
12. 1 million followers on Google +