Being socially insensitive – Lenskart, Troika Consulting and ScoopWhoop

While social media users expressed concerns over grave issue of Earthquake and mourned the tragedy, brands and agencies conveniently decided to bank on moment marketing. Is it really that difficult to differentiate between occasions that allow for such marketing gimmicks?

We came across posts, tweets and updates in bad taste, almost mocking the extremely tragic incident that shook Nepal today. Social media cannot be held responsible for desensitizing marketing executives to indulge in such activities.

This clearly goes beyond ‘Marketing for the sake of marketing‘.

Great to leverage a moment but brands and agencies out there need to be sensitive while choosing one. Its high time that people ‘buy’ some sense and ‘sell’ out the opportunistic knack.



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Our global entrepreneurs decided to march forward too.



ScoopWhoop joined the tribe, by publishing funny memes on their website, titled ’16 Things that went through your mind during an Earthquake.‘ Really? Are these the ethics of new media?


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Is the human race progressing  with the evolution of Social Media ?


Do we really need to capitalize on sensitive issues ?


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