5 global Tinder campaigns that brands can learn from

For marketers if there’s anything kinkier than unexpected sex, it is unexpected marketing, courtesy Tinder. Brands globally have been setting up just the right heat, to create the perfect marketing match.

Women in Distress


The organization created fake profiles of “nice” guys. Once matched, women go to see their entire profiles, revealing violent pictures. The campaign successfully managed to get light on the fact that nicest guys can get violent, act on the first sign of it.

Social Tees Animal Rescue

Dogs are a lot more loyal (well, than men). Taking love for pets a step ahead, Social Tees Animal Rescue created Tinder profiles of dogs in need of shelter. If users connected to a pup, they could schedule a date and adopt it.

Domino’s UK


Pizza and Netflix – an ideal date. Domino’s UK managed to take away the pain of being single on Valentine’s Day by offering pizza dates on Tinder. Now who would refuse that?

Suits/The Mindy Project


Two of the most hep shows of the time, lead characters of Suits and The Mindy Project were seen on Tinder actively engaging with fans. An unforgettable date waited ahead. For more details read here.

Simple Pickup

This was our favourite. You just have to see the video to know why.

Social media platforms are no longer limited to their intrinsic value. Be it Tinder or Grindr, when creativity comes in, every platform is apt for marketing.


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